Meet Dexter!


I got a little carried away with all my Halloween posts, that I totally forgot to formally introduce you to my new Kitten Dexter. He’s super stinkin’ cute and really feisty! Almost a little too feisty. He likes to claw up my pant leg and eat from my food bowl! Bad kitty! Definitely a handful this one is!

He really likes Pixie! So much, in fact, that he pounces her at any given moment. She’s actually reacted surprisingly well to it and because of his annoying attacks, she’s become a lot less skiddish around us. Hmm, maybe a kitten was all she needed all along! I sometimes catch her chasing him and them snuggling up to one another, so I think it is a love/hate thing! If they were married, I don’t think it would end after 72 days…just sayin’! Haha!


Dexter hopes you had a Happy Halloween!

I wanted to share with you some cute photos. He’s so darn cute at this Kitten stage that I can’t help but take pictures of him every day! I’m such a mom. They grow up so fast, I tell ya!!

Dexter in Bowl

perfect little guy

Magic Cat

And as you probably can tell, in addition to my cute cat photos, I also love the color red. I think he sees red everytime he plays, so it seems only appropriate!

Until next time Swellions!