I’ve been featured in the book Focus:Letters!

Focus: Letters

Woot! Woot! Today I got my advanced copy of Focus: Letters in the mail!! I’m so excited cause 7 of my photos have been featured in this amazing book by Lark Books. I was featured before in Focus: Love and was contacted again to participate in this book.

My pink SSSSSSSSSSSS photo was featured on the cover in the book.


A fun behind the scenes story…do you know how sometimes you see project samples in craft stores already painted? Well, usually craft companies make these projects and sends them to the stores. This is an example of one of those projects in the works (taken at my last job). They basecoated all these pink S’s and then painted flowers on them. I happened to have my camera with me and immediately thought that it would make a great photo! So glad I did.


Here’s a sneak peek of another photo in the book. It’s so cool to see my name in print!

The Focus: Letters book is available on Amazon and can be pre-ordered for 9 bucks! What a great deal. It makes a great and thought-provoking coffee table book and also a great gift for yourself or a photography-loving friend!

Until next time Swellions!


Merry Christmas to Me!

Focus: Love

I was a bit annoyed tonight when I saw my door mat pushed up against my door as I neared my apartment. Usually this means some prankster has had a laugh at my expense messing it up for me to fix, but today that wasn’t the case. Underneath the mat was delivery from Sterling Publishing/Lark Books. I questioned why for a moment and then realized that maybe it was a book I was asked to submit a photo to via Flickr. Indeed, it was that book.

And I’m super excited about it! It’s a cute little coffee table book all about heart imagery. It’s filled with photos of hearts in nature, painted heart, heart balloons, and random occurrences of hearts in daily life (architecture, shadows, stuff positioned to make hearts). Anyway, I flipped through the book and as I neared the end, I thought that maybe my image wasn’t included after all…but there on the last page was my image called “Heart Attack”. I am honored to have been chosen to close out the book!

Heart Attack in Focus: Love

Here it is straight from my Flickr page! I took this while I was still in Lexington. I blogged that night about my photo outing in one of my Wednesday is Lensday post.

heart attack

If you are interested in buying this (now as a belated holiday gift), you can purchase it via Amazon. Click here to order or learn more.