Meet my mom

my mom

This is my mom, Sharron Westerfield. She is one of the craftiest ladies I know! Ever since the age of six when she came into my life after my biological mom passed away, she has been inspiring me with her artful endeavors. One of the first things I remember doing with her was dying easter eggs, something that I still look back fondly at to this day. She has always encouraged me to be creative and express myself through all different kinds of handmade ways. As a kid, I would go with her to stores like Piece Goods and Hancock Fabrics and look through pattern books and piles of fabric with her for hours (needless to say, I did get bored after a while). She always bought me ribbons for my hairbows and Wonder Under and puff paint for the Daisy Kingom sweatshirts I designed. This past weekend, while I was at home, I saw the little Home Sew mail order that she let me pick out ribbons from, still the same after all these years, sitting on the table. It brought back good memories…

home sew ribbon samples

She is an excellent seamstress, actually the best that I know. She is very humble about her skills. I have seen her make everything from wedding and bridesmaid dresses to intricate costumes and custom drapery and upholstery.

Here’s a pic of some of the many things she has made me over the years. She always let me pick out my own fabric and pattern design. I didn’t appreciate the clothes she made me back then as much as I should have. I don’t get custom clothing like I used to…she’s way too busy sewing up dresses and outfits for my neice and nephews!

outfits my mom sewed for me throughout the years

I remember back in the early 90’s when she converted our attic hideaway into a dark room and created her own images for a photo quilt. It turned out absolutely beautiful and something I know my Grandma cherished. This was way before photo quilts were the thing! Even back then, she was ahead of the trend game and she continues to be. She subscribes to a lot of different sewing, smocking, and machine embroidery magazines, staying up on the latest techniques and designs. She constantly loves to learn and be inspired!

She is crafty in a lot of other ways too…she can make beautiful cake designs, crochet, knit, faux finish, and smock (which she can do by both hand and machine) as shown here in this adorable little dress:

my mom's smocking

I know I’m missing something off the list, but she is talented in a variety of ways. She is very meticulous in her work and really takes pride in getting things just right. She doesn’t settle for something “that will do”. Her detailed craftsmanship is something I’ve always admired. Just look at this beautiful piece that she embroidered using Jenny Haskin’s machine embroidered pattern. She worked over the course of a year on this quilted wall hanging and matching pillows and her attention to detail is evident.

my mom made this

She began sewing at the age of 9 and has never stopped some 50+ years later. Like me, she is never without a project or creative idea spinning in her head. She has such an awesome work ethic and can whip out a totally unique project in hours. Everyone is always amazed by the work she does and I think if she wanted to be, she could really be a force to be reckoned with in the machine embroidery or sewing industry. But, I’m not sure she would enjoy it as much as a hobby if it were to be something she did all the time or had deadlines to meet. I think creating for her is her own spiritual retreat and way to connect and give back. I don’t know that there is anything else that she would rather be doing.

finishing touches

And, even though we aren’t technically mother and daughter by blood, she’s been a great mom to me for these 23+ years and continues to inspire and encourage me. We have very different crafting skill sets, but appreciate and learn from each other. As I’ve gotten older, I’m glad that our shared passion for crafting continues to bring us closer together.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about my mom.

Until next time Swellions!