Maker Faire Pics

colorful hula hoops

I went to Maker Faire this past weekend and wanted to share some pics. I saw a lot, a lot that I saw last year, but it was still cool nonetheless. Lots of cool 3-D stuff, gadgets, color, glow in the dark stuff, steampunk, crafts, and much more. Here’s some photo highlights!

Red Hat Day






Expo Cafe


the kite in your eyes


Until next time Swellions!


Meeting and making new friends at Maker Faire!

This past weekend at Maker Faire, I met so many cool people (not all were new, because I knew of them or had conversed with them over e-mail). Anyway, it is always super cool to meet people who you’ve admired from afar.

crafty pink ladies
Here’s me with Kathy a.k.a. Crafty Chica and Sister Diane! I’ve actually hung with Kathy before and always have a great time with her, but it was my first time meeting Diane. She has so much insight and it was so cool to talk and share ideas and thoughts on the craft industry together. It was awesome! Oh, and by the way, notice the shirt I’m wearing, I bought it at Old Navy and died it randomly with Purple One-Step Tie dye from Tulip™.

maya in the moment
I also was stoked to get to hang with Kathy’s daughter Maya. I’ve enjoyed watching Maya’s videos online and she is so funny and sweet 🙂 We goofed off and I even did my Roger Rabbit dance for her to film. We will see if they show up later in one of her videos.

me & peptogirl
My soul sister in design and craftiness Amy Cluck a.k.a. Peptogirl was also there and we walked around the show together for a bit (we had to stop to try on some wooden mustaches). If you haven’t visited her web site, it is a must! It is so adorable and totally my speed! She has put together Indie Sacramento for quite a while now and I don’t know how she does it all! Her blog is one of my favorite blogs…I totally appreciate the design (I think we have a similar design aesthetic in a lot of ways) and she makes the cutest crafts 🙂 She has a lot of tutorials and business insight on there too! I’m hoping maybe we can hang out some weekend together…we’re only like 3 hours away from each other!

I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking social media with Rob of Threadbanger, chatting it up with the Craftzine gal editors, meeting paper extroidonaire Jeffrey Rudell, Backcountry Betty authorJennifer Worwick, and Michaela Murphy. I met a lot of really other fabulous folks as well. The cool think about crafty folks at these events is that they are just so nice and down to earth. It’s like being part of a big happy community…everyone is so supportive.

Sorry about not posting the robots like I promised, but you can see some cool ones in my Maker Faire set on my Flickr stream! Also check out more Maker Faire photos I took here I love robots (I even talk like one on many occasions), but I just didn’t feel like posting about them today!

Hope you have a fun and inspiring day! And go and check out my crafty friends’ sites and get super inspired!

Until next time Swellions!


More Maker Faire fun

Maker Faire is really cool and there is something for everyone. I found myself drawn more to the crafty aspects, but there was lot to do there for both tech and craft geeks…here’s some photos of stuff and things that I saw!

cupcake car 1

hostess cupcake car makes me hungry
These cupcake cars were pretty darn sweet (pun intended). It was so funny to watch the guy in the white birthday cupcake scoot around the lot. It was right out of a cartoon!

Here’s a video of them in action!

crazy light up wall
A giant “Blue Rain” light up wall (I look mean here, but I promise I wasn’t in a bad mood when I took this).

Here’s another crazy pic of me (I was trying to get a good 365 shot), this time in front of the crazy 2-liter sculpture…see a video here.

giant lego cake
The giant lego cake! This was cool, but I would be equally excited if I saw one of these in person!

go with the flow
I’m not sure what exactly this orange flowing material was (and I can’t find a link for the life of me…searched 30 minutes), but it was pretty. Reminded me of a Christo creation

video folk art lady
The Video Folk Art lady had such a bright and colorful look that matched her equally colorful and wild booth!

That’s all for tonight, but I’ll be back with more goodies tomorrow! I want to share some crazy robots I saw!

Until next time Swellions!


My maker faire weekend!

Bizarre Bazarre

So, I feel a little neglecting of my blog these past few days. I went to Maker Faire through my work (been super busy prepping) and I have some really cool pics to share this week. I think I’ll break it up into a few different posts so that I can better expand upon the creativity I saw there!

There was a lot of inspiration to be found. My favorite part was Bizarre Bazarre and seeing all the cool innovation there…I was super impressed with the variety…I just wish it wasn’t as crowded as it was. I like to be able to look around 3 or 4 times and make my mind up on my purchases, but it was really, really crowded!

I really loved a lot of the crafts, but a few of the vendors stood out to me!

tara to the t

tara to the t merchandise

tara to the t headband

Loved meeting Tara Tonini…her business name is Tara to the T. She was the prettiest girl at the Faire. I love her vintage retro style and her airline-inspired theme. She told me it takes her 45 minutes to do her hair this way. I totally love people who live and breathe a past era in our modern times. To me, it is very refreshing. She had super cute flight attendant uniforms, hats, and feather headbands (that’s the one I bought above) and accessories with sass. She was super sweet too and so genuine and that made me like her even more. Doesn’t she look like a movie star?

katy kristin

I also loved the signage, buttons, jewelry and all kinds of crafty goodness at Katy Kristin’s shop! She had such whimsical designs. I bought a cute Pippi Longstocking button and a red and white gingham buttom of Goldilocks and the Three bears.

sweet postcards

These cards from Motormouth Press totally jumped out at me. I don’t know what it is, but I have a literal and figurative sweet tooth and these cards popped out at me right away. I love neopolitan ice cream bars. The first thing they remind me of is the freeze dried ice cream bars that I saw in 8th grade on a Space Center trip.

my imaginary boyfriend

swell ribbon

Also loved seeing Erika at My Imaginary Boyfriend’s booth. Her stuff was super whimsical and cool and you just have to love that banner! Also, who doesn’t love her shop name (it reminds me of a certain imaginary boyfriend I have). For a while, I’ve honestly thought that award ribbons should come back and I guess she did too! I found one that totally spoke to me! How could I not buy it? I have another story to tell involving this ribbon that I am on the fence about telling about, but it is a pretty good story. I’ll have to think about if I want to reveal it or not!

I also talked to a lot of other cool people as well, including the DJ (I was charging my phone next to him). He did DJing as a hobby, but he was a farmer and a ceramicist. How cool is that? He was playing some really cool tunes!

Check back tomorrow and I’ll share more about the cool stuff I saw and people I met. I promise it will be good stuff!

Until next time Swellions!


Last minute post before Maker Faire!

Sorry for such a quick/last minute post, but I had to get ready my clothes for Maker Faire as well as my other stuff! If you are going to be there, please stop by the booth and say hi to me as well as Crafty Chica and her daughter Maya. I’d love to meet up with you!

Oh and I will be working…doing some behind the scenes live blogging to the I love to create blog as well as live twittering. Follow the live twitter feed here!

In other exciting news, my co-worker Alyson, will be live blogging as well from the MTV movie awards gifting boutique on her blog at her Fashion Girl blog and her live twitter feeds will update on her blog as well, so be sure to check that out. I’m crossing my fingers for her that she gets to tie dye with Twilight hottie, Robert Pattinson! Or atleast get some cool tie-dying celeb pics! You know Heidi and Spencer would so ham it up for a tie dye photo!

Then again, maybe I may meet Bill Murray. That would be too weird, but quite possible.

Until next time Swellions!