A quick project + hopefully making new friends!

snakeskin shell earrings

So, I made the above project for a co-worker. I hope she likes them! I think she makes jewelry too, so I don’t know what she’ll think!

I searched for the past couple of hours online for ways to make new friends. I know that to make friends you have to put yourself out there, but I think it’s a lot easier said than done. I’m looking into avenues like taking a bead class, joining a yoga group, and going to artsy functions hosted by the local arts group, but right now I’m a little strapped for cash for the next month or so. The bills are kinda cutting me close, so I can’t lay down a lot for extra stuff. So, I’ve turned to the net!

It’s hard to even find friends on the internet. I would like to find crafty types like myself that would like to get together, craft, go get coffee, catch a movie, go to crafty places, etc. I was feeling kinda down until I had a lightbulb pop in my head! Why not try to find local Etsy sellers?

Well, there are a lot of Etsy sellers in the area and I wrote them and I’ve already gotten back a couple of responses! I’m really hope this is a good sign of things to come. I’m going to go stir crazy if I don’t make some friends outside of work pretty soon!

Well, off to bed. Oh, I wanted to share a little peek at my apartment complex (a more artsy shot than a straight-forward one). This is what the buildings in my complex look like.

My apartment complex

I will take more photos when I’m a bit more inspired. I went out today with my camera and I got very few shops…I just wasn’t feeling it and the subject matter was pretty blah.

Until next time Swellions!