My moment in the CNN spotlight

Before I went to Blogher12 last week, I hung out with my friends Maya and Jeshua.  We made a day of it! We went to Lincoln Center, Central Park, and the Natural History Museum!  And of course, we did all this traveling by the way of the subway.

And this is where I made my national debut…

I spotted a camera guy with a lady standing next to the Subway track. I was kinda curious, since it was NYC and all, and you never know what shenanigans might be going on.  When the lady turned around, I totally realized it was the quirky reporter from CNN!  I quickly made a little shift to the right to get in the shot.  LOL.  I even snapped a quick photo! I guess one might consider it a photobomb!

Kathy later informed me that it was CNN reporter Jeanne Moos. I grew up watching her reports on Headline News!

Look for me at the 2:06 mark behind her!  You’ll see Maya and Jeshua in there too.

I thought it was pretty cool. It’s not everyday I make a national news segment!

Until next time Swellions!


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Swell Girl Gone Wild!


Do NOT adjust your computer screens my friends!  It is a well known fact, that I’m pretty plain jane when it comes to my hair. I’m not much for coloring or changing up my look.  Last week; however, that all changed when I got a rainbow dyed streak in my hair.

Well, kinda.  It’s a temporary hair extension you can pin into your hair. Haha, you didn’t think I was THAT wild, now did you?

My friend Kathy (a.k.a. Crafty Chica) came to visit in our studios last week and made a bonanza or colorful hair extensions that she gave away.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Crafty Chica project if there wasn’t a tutorial!  She made this cute video showing how to make them!  They are so easy and affordable to make using the Tulip One-Step Dyes!

And doesn’t her daughter Maya look beautiful.  I love that girl! She does the music in Kathy’s tutorial!


Thought I’d share my life altering change. Things will never be the same!  LOL!

Until next time Swellions!


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Moves like Swelldesigner

I’m assuming you can kinda get my goofy humor through some of my postings.  But to really know me is to see this video.  I don’t really have any shame when it comes to making a public spectacle of myself. Eh, I was challenged to “dance like no one was watching”, so I did it and I’m never going to see those people again.  Well, I might see about 10 (my coworkers were there during the filming at Downtown Disney).

Special shout out to video creator Maya of Maya in the Moment (go like her FB page) and her mom Kathy (a.k.a. Crafty Chica who encouraged me to act so darn silly. Oh, and thanks to my co-worker Sam who provided the nice donation at the end.

Until next time Swellions!


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Meeting and making new friends at Maker Faire!

This past weekend at Maker Faire, I met so many cool people (not all were new, because I knew of them or had conversed with them over e-mail). Anyway, it is always super cool to meet people who you’ve admired from afar.

crafty pink ladies
Here’s me with Kathy a.k.a. Crafty Chica and Sister Diane! I’ve actually hung with Kathy before and always have a great time with her, but it was my first time meeting Diane. She has so much insight and it was so cool to talk and share ideas and thoughts on the craft industry together. It was awesome! Oh, and by the way, notice the shirt I’m wearing, I bought it at Old Navy and died it randomly with Purple One-Step Tie dye from Tulip™.

maya in the moment
I also was stoked to get to hang with Kathy’s daughter Maya. I’ve enjoyed watching Maya’s videos online and she is so funny and sweet 🙂 We goofed off and I even did my Roger Rabbit dance for her to film. We will see if they show up later in one of her videos.

me & peptogirl
My soul sister in design and craftiness Amy Cluck a.k.a. Peptogirl was also there and we walked around the show together for a bit (we had to stop to try on some wooden mustaches). If you haven’t visited her web site, it is a must! It is so adorable and totally my speed! She has put together Indie Sacramento for quite a while now and I don’t know how she does it all! Her blog is one of my favorite blogs…I totally appreciate the design (I think we have a similar design aesthetic in a lot of ways) and she makes the cutest crafts 🙂 She has a lot of tutorials and business insight on there too! I’m hoping maybe we can hang out some weekend together…we’re only like 3 hours away from each other!

I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking social media with Rob of Threadbanger, chatting it up with the Craftzine gal editors, meeting paper extroidonaire Jeffrey Rudell, Backcountry Betty authorJennifer Worwick, and Michaela Murphy. I met a lot of really other fabulous folks as well. The cool think about crafty folks at these events is that they are just so nice and down to earth. It’s like being part of a big happy community…everyone is so supportive.

Sorry about not posting the robots like I promised, but you can see some cool ones in my Maker Faire set on my Flickr stream! Also check out more Maker Faire photos I took here I love robots (I even talk like one on many occasions), but I just didn’t feel like posting about them today!

Hope you have a fun and inspiring day! And go and check out my crafty friends’ sites and get super inspired!

Until next time Swellions!