Fall Shimmer Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial

This pumpkin project is one of those that will last you from September to Thanksgiving!  The colors and glitter shimmer just scream fall and all it takes are some of your favorite puffy paint colors and a steady hand.

What you need for this project:
– Pumpkins (any size will do)
Tulip 3D Fabric Paints (gold metallic, gold glitter, pomegranate, copper, and red glitter)
– Foam Brush
– Plate or palette
– Soft cloth

Start off by squeezing some of the Tulip 3D paint in metallic gold onto the pumpkin and stem. Rub it off with a soft cloth. This will give the entire pumpkin a pretty metallic sheen.

Now make a flower shape on top  of the pumpkin using your Tulip 3D Glitter paint.

In between each “petal” squeeze out another petal

Repeat this over the entire pumpkin. This will create a cool “scalloped” effect on the surface.

For added visual drama, I added vertical and horizontal paint strips inside each petal.

For the red mini pumpkin, I painted it with a coat of copper 3D paint mixed with pomegranate 3D paint. I love adding metallics to add sheen to my paint colors!

I then covered the surface with red glitter 3D paint leaves.  The funny thing is that this pumpkin actually looks like a pomegranate too me (which means my fiance will like it…he’s obsessed with pomegranates!)

Here’s some photos of them when they dried. They turned out so shimmery!

Don’t forget to glitter your stems so they match the rest of the pumpkin!

I love the way the glitter dries!

This is so easy and has an amazing impact on display.  I think the tone on tone effect really works here!

Until next time Swellions!


Gold Bling Pumpkin DIY


Make a cool and stylish metallic pumpkin in no time using Tacky Glue and a string of gold mardi gras beads.  Such a sophisticated look that screams upscale, don’t you think?  

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What you need:– small round pumpkin
– 3 yards gold plastic mardi gras beads (you can also use several bead necklaces)
– Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
– scissors

What you do:
Starting at top of pumpkin, squeeze out a small amount of glue and attach gold beads in place. Add glue and tightly swirl around pumpkin, making sure to keep the rows tight. Do 4 or 5 rows and let dry .  Come back to the pumpkin later and do a few more rows, let dry. Finally, complete your pumpkin by finishing the bottom off. Since you don’t see the bottom, I actually didn’t bead that part, so that the pumpkin had a sturdy base, as opposed to a wobbly one.

If I did this project again, I think I would spray paint the pumpkin gold before I wrapped the beads, but it still is a very stunning pumpkin on it’s own. I envision setting this next to other metallic pumpkins in different textures and techniques. Would make for a beautiful display.


Don’t be afraid to try out other mardi gras beads or mix and match colors for a striped effect!

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Until next time Swellions!


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