Mini Starburst Pumpkins


I’ve gone back through my last 10 posts or so and I guess I REALLY like pumpkins or something. I think my readers might need to stage an intervention cause I have a serious addiction! When I look at candy, I even think about pumpkins. Case in point, this project! I kept thinking about what small orange object would make an adorable pumpkin and it hit me…a Starburst. So I got out my crafty supplies and made a go for it. This is the kind of pumpkin that would be perfect for handing out to trick or treaters or little treats for friends at work!

You’ll need orange Starburst (I recommend buying a large package), Aleene’s Tacky Line Roll (or Tacky Dots), scissors and some green gift-wrapping ribbon.

I next cut off a little piece of the gift-wrap ribbon and rolled it for a little stem.

Next,  I attached the stem with a small piece of the Tacky Lines and cut and curled the ribbon.  Believe me, no two pumpkins will turn out the same.

So I guess after doing this project, this is literal eye candy, huh?  LOL!

Until next time Swellions!


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Easy Stripe and Polka Dot Pumpkins Revisited


Here’s a series of Pumpkin I did last year that I wanted to reshare! Enjoy!

I just love mini pumpkins and I love how a little pumpkin can spice up décor! So I thought I would share a few simple tips for creating super cute pumpkins in a flash! I created all these pumpkins…each about 15 minutes apiece. Here’s a few quick tips for making easy stripe and polka dot pumpkins!

– A black permanent marker is a great way to draw lines, doodle, and personalize. It’s also dries super fast. On the white pumpkin above, I drew the lines on, but then went back in with a fine liner brush and black acrylic paint to paint in the squares.

– Use the veins of the pumpkin as natural striped guides to paint your stripes. That’s what I did for the orange and black pumpkin above.

– Also on the orange and black pumpkin above, I added dot details with white acrylic paint. For dots, simply dip the end of your brush into white paint and dab onto your pumpkin. Reload as needed.

– Get perfect large polka dots by using a sponge pouncer dipped in paint. Sponge pouncers come in various sizes. For a sparkly look, sprinkle glitter onto your paint while it is still wet and let dry. Dust any sparkle residue left around the paint after the paint has dried.

– Think about other ways you can make a simple pumpkin design…play with zigzag, diagonal, swirl, patterns and more.

So be sure to stock up on lots of mini pumpkins this season and go to town making these simple pumpkins. I really think you’ll be happy with the simple, yet stunning results!

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Check back next time for another Spooktastic Halloween craft!


Simply Sparkly Pumpkins


Sometimes the best crafts aren’t ones you spend hours making. They are just easy, breezy, and beautiful (sorry Cover Girl). The other night I wanted to jazz up some mini pumpkins while at a friends house. I had brought over materials, but not a lot, but did have on hand some sequins and some Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue and truth be told, that was all I really needed! All I did was just add a bit of glue and glue on each sequin for the star polka dot ones, and for the cascading sequin pumpkin, I realized just kinda dumping the sequins on there and then repositioning them worked quite nicely. I drizzled the glue down the side of the pumpkin for the clumpy sequin look on the sides.



I love me some mini pumpkins! Don’t you?

Until next time Swellions!



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