Let the Sun Shine


Wanted to fill you in on a few things (and also share a few of my recent photos).

– I got my new iPhone. After a small speedbump with the SIM card, it is working like a charm. I’m loving the front facing camera and the new Instabooth iPhone app I downloaded from the App Store.


– Spent Friday night to Pismo’s (a fairly new restaurant in Fresno near Riverpark). The food there is sooooo good. I totally am going to take my friend Tasha there in a couple weeks when she comes to visit. It’s so yummy and the food is always so pretty. Love it!


And on a much random note, a variety of the things I did this weekend: Went to Alana’s baby shower (shopped at Spencer’s – ha! for the gift), went to Modesto to see my boys (William and Frankie), went to an estate sale (felt sad looking through stuff that once meant something to someone), got a DQ Peanut Buster Parfait, went to the car wash, washed 3 old episodes of Breaking Bad, watched the movie, The Professional.

OVerall, it was a great weekend. And now, I’m tired and going to bed 🙂

Until next time Swellions!


4th of July Fun

I had a great Fourth. I honestly haven’t done something fun on the fourth in years. This was a nice and low key one, but a lot of fun!! I was invited to Modesto to spend the 4th with William and his family. Then we went to a block party in front of their house. It was really nice. Everyone came out, shared food (I helped make the pie crust with his mom), swam in each others backyard pools, set off group fireworks. The street was blocked off, so everyone could roam freely. William’s niece, Sophie, esp. had a good time roaming and walking the street (she’s not yet 2). Anyway, I took a lot of pics and wanted to share some fun ones.

Block Party
Here’s the street. It looked so cute and multiple grills were fired up!

I had several glasses of this homeade lemonade. YUM!

Cupcake Celebration!!!
Of course I had to have one of these! In addition to other sweets. It’s a holiday!

Splish splash
Sophie had fun splashing her feet in the pool.

Sofie sits
And sitting on the curb meeting new people.

Red white and blue fireworks
And of course there were fireworks!

Red Glare
I liked this moody photo of a boy in the firework smoke!

Poi Power
William’s sis Heather did her fire poi! I got to take a lot of cool pics of her with the fire!!

Heather on Fire
Here’s another one I really liked.

William and Alexa Oh, and here’s a cute photo of me and William that his sis took. I think it’s pretty cute. He’s wearing the shirt I made him!!!

What did you do for the fourth?

Until next time Swellions!