My creativity is moody

I just officially changed my middle name to “Westerfield”, but I’m thinking I may should have changed it to “goes in spurts”.  OK, ok, that doesn’t sound all that swell.  What I’m trying to say, is that I’m a very random and scatterbrained and frankly, I have a short attention span when it comes to projects.  So that is why you’ll see me blogging sometimes, making quote art other times, then working on mixed-media the next. In the words of House of Pain, I  guess I like to “Jump Around”.  
So, these 3 quote art works are from a week or so of me being in a quote art mood.  I don’t think day to day that I’m moody, but I am very creatively moody.  What would be the mashup of that…Croody?

Anyway, here’s 3 of my creative works. 🙂  I’ll probably be in the mood to make more in a month or so. Who knows…

Until next time Swellions!


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Reflections on a middle school poem


So, I dragged out something funny (or perhaps kinda sad?) from my past for today’s post. This was a poetry publication that my class did in 7th grade in Mrs. Robinson’s Language Arts class. My version got a little damage from where I stored it a few years back, but atleast I still have it! I love looking back at old things like this from childhood.


I remember we had a silhouette art project that went along with this. Our shadows wer cast onto the wall and we outlined each others profile. Since that was kinda crafty, I for sure enjoyed that part of the process! Oh, and my lips didn’t really pucker out like that…that’s just water damage on that page.

We had to write a poem that started out and repeated throughout who were were as people. The main line that resounded throughout my poem is “I am a person of many moods”.


I thought it would be fun if I recited it for you. It’s pretty silly to me, cause back then I was trying so hard to be so serious and grown up.

Do you have any relics like this that you hang on to too? I’m such a sucker for this kinda thing…ya know, personal nostalgia. Anyway, hope you have a great Thursday!!

Until next time Swellions!