My “I can’t live without this” purchase!

street scene find

A couple of weeks ago, while picking up my check at Street Scene for some photos I am selling there, I spotted this really cool plastic hanging organizer. I’m not exactly sure what this was used once used for, but I immediately knew that I had to have it. I envision it hanging in my studio one day filled with interchangable photos or at the very least holding some mail. I always have such big ideas for my décor, but it is not as clean and polished as I would like. I would love, love to live in a magazine spread, but I seriously don’t think this to be realistic.

Anyway, back to my organizer, I just love all the colors…I’m such a sucker for warm, bright shades (especially red and orange). And I love the diagonal slices of color painted on the back of the plastic…so fab and kinda ’70’s colors with an ’80’s motif!

It’s not everyday that I make a purchase I just can’t live without. I’m pretty good about disciplining myself to stay away from such things. Esp. décor items…I live in an apartment after all which really limits my space and I don’t want to clutter it up even more! But I do have a few things I just have had to buy…these include:

These Marilyn Monroe glasses I bought before I moved to Lexington…
marilyn glasses

This awesome retro tray (also doubles as a backdrop for photographs)
bargain tray

and really, how could you not buy these?
why? because I like you.

I can’t really say that I’ve used these things on a daily (Mickey Mouse ears, seriously?) or even monthly basis, but they do make me smile when I see them.

What have you purchased that you just couldn’t live without?

Until next time Swellions!