Have cat, will mustache

Last month, you may or may not recall my mustached pumpkins where Dexter tagged along for the step by step activities of making those pumpkins.  Well…i couldn’t resist not having him pose with one of the mustaches.  This little guy has put up with annoying mom and dad antics since he was a kitten, from standing on his legs to dance to having to wear a necktie.  So, having to endure a mustache was only painful for a few moments…

…he had it off in 2 seconds flat after the photo.  No one puts Dexter in a corner! Well, unless there’s a food bowl in the corner.

And because I think this video is the cutest thing ever, here’s him from last year attacking Vlad the vampire.  This year when we got Vlad out to play, he was scared out of his mind, cause he remembered  this ghastly creature from his kittenhood. After a few days, though, we found him on the couch cuddling up next to his old pal Vlad.  I guess Vlad is no match for adult Dexter after all.

Until next time Swellions!


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