Projects by my favorite crafty girl!

I know I’ve been M.I.A. this passed week, but part of the reason why is cause my niece Taylor and my Dad have been visiting! Here’s a few cute Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint projects that Tay made. She’s my fave crafty gal, as you might already know

Tay holding shirt

pink spray scarf

I also did a mini photo shoot with her on Saturday night. She’s growing up so fast before my lens!

All Grown Up

Lollipop Girl

Grassy Girl

9 going on 13

Well, gotta get ready for bed and to see them off in the morn.

Until next time Swellions!


One of the reasons I miss Kentucky…

Silly Girl

This little girl. Seriously, isn’t she the cutest? This is my little niece Ava. She is a complete joy and so super photogenic. It’s been about 8 or so years between her and the last grandkid, so she has been a very welcome and delightful addition to our family. As you can tell, she has an awesome personality!


My sis took these pics of her. I really think she could do a little side photography business if she wanted too! She has a camera like mine. I def. think she has an eye for capturing Ava’s cuteness!! And I like her use of soft lighting on a simple backdrop!

All Smiles

My mom made the little sewn/crochet white dress she’s wearing in these pics. Isn’t it beautiful?

Nana's A Detail

She even added this dainty tone on tone personalized embroidery on her dress. Definitely an heirloom piece to pass along!

Yeah, I’m pretty smitten with this little girl! I can’t wait till when I get to see her next. I’m not sure when that will be! It won’t be soon enough!

Until next time Swellions!


Meet Ava


Just wanted to share a super cute photo of the newest member of my family…my niece Ava! Isn’t she a total doll? She’s a really good baby, super smiley, and she is so, so sweet. She’s sitting up already and even trying to balance and walk (she’s about 7 months), but she is not too keen on crawling just yet. In time, I guess. Here she is with the super cute sock monkey my mom made her 🙂 She loves attacking and chewing on the arms & legs. She is ferocious!

Ava and her sock monkey

I know I didn’t tell you guys, but I was at home last week, so that’s the reason for my lack of posts. I plan to get back on track soon, but you know how crazy the holidays can be. Sometimes they zap the life out of you (well, I don’t know if it is the holidays as much as it is the 7+ hour flights).

Anyway, hope you have a great week! Until next time Swellions!


5 things I did this weekend

good enough to eat

1. Made cookies with Silvia and her husband Garrett. They were pretty darn tasty! We just used packaged sugar cookie roll and rolled it out. Then decorated with can icing mixed in with different colors. Good times, good times

channeling charlie
2. Bought Silvia’s son, Joshua this little mustache from one of these toy vending machines. It was good for a photo opp. He is such an adorable ham-it-up boy. I love it.

3. Got this adorable pic of my niece Ava that my sis Sophia took. How precious is she? She just turned 5 months. Since Phia has a snazzy camera like mine, she is always taking lots of great pics 🙂

new boots
4. Shopped til I dropped. I went shopping yesterday and today. I got several new clothes (including 2 dresses, 2 skirts, shirt, a belt and 2 pairs of earrings and a ring!) and this kick but pair of boots. Oh, I love them so. I have been more in a fashionista mood as of late.

total grossness
5. Visited the candy store and discovered the grossest candy I’ve ever seen. Seriously, someone eats these?

Hope everyone has a great week ahead! I bet a lot of you have some great Halloween festivities in the works 🙂

Until next time Swellions!