My new photography spot


I was about to take a photo for another post in my newly designated photo spot (yes, the one Dexter is sitting in), but I on an impromptu whim decided to tell you about how this has become my new go-to spot for my late night photography.  I so don’t like posting my clutter and mess, but I am trying to be as open and authentic as possible and I frankly didn’t feel like staging a photo! I guess this is a whim, after all.

Full disclosure: I totally spent like 5 minutes trying to get this cat to hold still for this pose.  He kept going to the food bowl, so I told him I would reward him if he was a good boy and posed for me. LOL. So much for a whim, huh?

I recently read a blog post highly promoting and dissing anything but natural lighting for photos.  I agree that natural light looks better for photography. I would choose it anyday over shooting at night; however, I simply don’t get my blogging started till after 8 and the light is already gone by then.  So I work with what I’ve got.

Our new house came with amazing ceiling spotlights and I have been using it a lot for my craft photography. I’m so tired and lazy when it comes to photographing my stuff that I go to it instead of setting up lights or my photo light box (though it does come in handy!).  It’s nice to have a go-to spot where I don’t have to do a lot of prepwork. You may have seen this spot in use in a few of my recent posts: The Magic of Shrinky Dinks and my cute little suitcase.

I must really like this light!  This was the first photo I took when we got the keys to the house.  It’s Frankie, William’s surrogate brother and coolest, most awesome dog I’ve ever met.


I am looking forward to capturing more photos in natural light though!  Almost all the rooms of my house are painted. The den is painted a warm orange and has beautiful light shining through in the evenings!  Our yard is currently under construction (it’s all tilled up and needing to be seeded), so eventually I’ll have the nice outdoor space to use as well.

Yay for more photography backdrops and options! Do you have a special spot you like to do your photography at?

Until next time Swellions!


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