My niceness pays off!

If you know me in person, you know that I’m generally a pretty nice, tolerant person. Some may say a little “too nice”. What does “too nice” mean? Well, I think it means that I could be swayed (Yes, I did buy the lotion from the lotion guy in the mall once…I honestly hate admitting it). I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings and I’m also not one for a major conflict, so I don’t generally sweat the small stuff.

Today, however, I really felt a need to stand up for myself over a very small issue. This past week, someone has parked 3 times in my parking spot here at my apartment complex. It’s not that it’s a great or close spot to my apartment, but a lot of it is just principle and the fact that having to park elsewhere takes me more time to get around and is much less convenient.

So, you know what I did? I wrote the driver this little note…


I’m sure I could have got mad, complained, and have been rude or have been a bit more stern…but perhaps they didn’t realize they were taking my spot. When I first moved in, I didn’t realize it and accidentally parked in somebody’s spot. Also, I wrote the note cause I could have called security and dealt with it that way; however, I feel like, just like if you are blasting your music…wouldn’t you rather be approached nicely by a neighbor rather than have the security guard show up to scold you? Anyway, that is what I did.

Well, I had to run out to the drugstore 30 or so minutes afterward, and I totally noticed the dude walking to his card and picking up the note from under the windshield wiper. Not one for conflict, I ducked behind a car. How lame is that? I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me. I then ran back inside for a bit. I had no clue what I would say to him. Ha ha.

Well, I did go back out and go to the drugstore and you know what? When I got back, his car was moved to the visitor area! I guess my note worked. Well, for tonight atleast…who knows…he may be back in my spot tomorrow, but I think he got the point.

So, is there a better way you think you would have handled it?

Until next time Swellions!