A random Monday

I got back from my Asheville trip! I had been feeling so detached from it all. I was around a computer (a laptop). I have never been one to fully grasp the mouse on a laptop. I just scroll so slowly. If I get one, you better believe that it will come with a mouse attachment!

So, here’s some random stuff going on in my world:

1) I made this necklace tonight:


I am sooooo picky about my own personal style of necklaces that I wear. I like a little chunk, a little funk, and a lotta color. I’m not really into dainty or uber sparkly things. I do like a little bit of glam every now and then, but restrained myself on this piece.

2) I got a new hot pink coat (Land’s End from Sears), new scarf, new gloves, and new iphone cover (Thanks Chris . As shown here:

At the vacation house

The iphone colors always are very dull. The coat is def. brighter than this salmony color it looks here!

3) I didn’t buy a single souvenir. I personally am not much of a souvenir person…sometimes I do like getting a t-shirt or wearable item, but that’s about it. As you saw in my rather unsuccessful attempt, I tried to give away a whole bunch o’ stuff last week, so the last thing I need is more stuff to bring home. If it was uber kitschy, then maybe, but I can do without a Biltmore mug or mousepad.

4) While I enjoyed the Britney documentary last night, I still think she didn’t totally answer everything people are dying to know about. But, I do feel for her, and I think in her world, she has to keep some things left unsaid to protect herself. The paparazzi are so nuts. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to deal with them everywhere you go.

5) Oh, and here’s my adorable nephews and niece dressed in their Christmas duds (the lighting was so sunny and splotchy…it was so hard to get a good pic!). I’ll try to post some more trip pics when I get the chance!

Taylor & Brock


I was watching the Parent Trap yesterday (on briefly) and I discovered that my niece looks a lot like Lindsey Lohan in that movie. I’m comparing her to the old Lindsey, not the Lindsey she has become.

Anywho, what’s new in your world Swellions? Hope everyone had a swell Turkey weekend!

To be a kid again this Halloween…


So it’s not everyday you see kiddos on my blog, but this is an adorable pic of my niece and nephew, Brock and Taylor as a Pink Bunny and Indiana Jones! My mom the oh-so-talented seamstress made both of these costumes like she does every year for them. If this isn’t super cute, I don’t know what is!!!

I really hope they enjoy these years dressing up and trick or treating. Halloween is such a magical time in a child’s life. Even though you know I love Halloween and get excited by the smallest little thing, I miss the excitement I felt as a kid around this time of year. Little things like going trick or treating and rummaging through candy afterwards, getting to play games at a fall festival, and feeling the anticipation of a Halloween party at school, are things I look back fondly and wistfully on. Excitement back then was so pure and simple, but now adding on daily tasks and struggles weighs me down a lot, and I’m sure it does others too.

I really need to make it my goal to not get to overwhelmed by the Holiday that I don’t get to enjoy it. Maybe simple things like going on a ghost walk, eating pumpkin goods, and just sitting in the dark as my hot pink and orange lights glow is the thing I need to do to reconnect with that little girl I once was.

What are you going to do to reconnect with your inner child this Halloween?