Memory Monday: Sitting on my Grandmother’s Couch

Sitting on my Grandmother's couch

This is me when I was in 6th grade. I was such a little nerd. As you can see, I wore too short for me stonewashed pants. I also struggled really bad with my hair at this age. I always wore it halfway up in a barrette, most times with a big 1″ ribbon tied into a bow on top. It was really big and wavy in the back and unkempt. Then I had bangs, even though I had a major cowlick. Kentucky is very humid so all the little curls around my face always got kinky curly. I studied the picture and I really don’t remember this shirt I’m wearing. It’s funny how certain things in your wardrobe stand out than others. I think this shirt may have been a souvenir from Florida, but I’m not sure.

This was at my Grandmother’s house. It was velvety orange/red/olive. I remember it being a very comfortable couch. I’m sure it was purchased in the 70’s, but part of me thinks it is cool in a kitsch way now. I wonder what ended up happening to it. It seems that a lot of older people don’t focus so much on decor, but are proud of what they own. I never recognized how much her pillows and quilt clashed. It was just her house and I loved going there cause it was her house. She made the quilt on the back and I remember the dark blue pillow had a country goose on it.

She always treated me while I was there. For example, I got those little cheese and crackers with the red stick spreader at her house. She also bought me Cheetos, cookies, push pops, and soda. I didn’t get much of that at home, so going to her house was a treat in so many ways.

Next to me are some New Kids on The Block cards that I collected. I still have them in a “childhood memories” bin in one of my closets. I’m pretty sure my grandmother bought them for me. Or I guess I could have used my $5 allowance. I was a New Kids nut at that time. I got on the bandwagon late. Everyone stopped liking them right when I started liking them. Admittedly, I was embarrassed to say I liked them, cause then it would mean that I liked boys and I didn’t want to talk about the opposite sex at all! I was mortified about talking about boys or who I liked!

Anyway, just wanted to share this blast from the past. I can’t believe I would share such a geeky photo!

Until next time Swellions!