Not ready quite yet

aluminum christmas tree

Tonight, my friend Katie and I went to Panera and then to Powell’s Candy Shop in the Sierra Vista Mall. At Powell’s, they had a full out holiday display filled with lotsa holiday candies and goodies. Katie was so excited and said she was totally in the holiday spirit. Me, not so much.

See, I really don’t get into the holiday spirit till the day after Thanksgiving. I take my holidays one at a time. I guess this goes back to childhood…in fact, most times, we didn’t get our tree up till sometimes 10 days before Christmas. This year, I’ll prob. get mine up a week after Thanksgiving.

It still alarms me walking into stores and hear the blaring holiday songs and shoppers scurrying about. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it yet. Is this just me? Are you totally ready for the holidays?

Actually, the only thing I have out right now remotely Christmasy is this holiday mug that my old boss gave me last year. I have to take it in baby steps…baby steps I say!

holiday mug

Don’t you like how I’m now using this hat as my random go to for a bad hair day?

Until next time Swellions!