I went to Old Navy today. I got a black trench and a red striped top for $1.99. Score! Oh, and I also got my pose on with these mannequins (I know you’ve seen the silly commercials).

Until next time Swellions!


Photos and a compliment


Here’s a cool pic that Chris took of me the other night. We were a half-bit loopy after walking all over UK’s campus searching for photo ops. I can now see why I struggled so much in college to find interesting subject matter…on this campus and mine back in the day at Murray State, there wasn’t anything that sparked much interest.

Towards the end of the night, like always, we scored some more provoking/artsy shots. Sometimes when I try not to pose/seek them out is when I get into my photo groove. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours.

Chris posted this yesterday and there was a girl who was very interested in where I got my purse (from a friend, purchased at Old Navy several years back). I find it very funny, but I get this compliment a lot on this purse. I don’t know that this purse is totally “me”. I tend to not go for brown tones and it isn’t something I probably would pick out for myself, but I do like it and it holds A LOT of stuff…magazines, small shopping bags. This makes for annoying times when I actually am trying to find something like my phone.

Is there anything that wear that people give you rave reviews for?

Oh, and here’s a couple other photos I took last week from our flickr walk.

into the night

hoodie ornaments

Wednesday is Lensday: It’s Craft Time!

I wanted to share today some of the many materials I work with in my crafts. I have so much stuff that I have yet to use on an inspired project!! Atleast it can take center stage in my photo, even if it doesn’t turn in my next best project.

Colorful Beads
colorful beads on display


I’m one messy painter!
i'm one messy painter

A couple quick things about today….

1. My friends Retta and possibly Chris are going to the Renegade Craft Fair in a couple months in Chicago. I have never been to one and have been dying to go. Retta and I share a lot of the same sensibilities, so she is super psyched as well. Yippee!

2. Bought some stuff tonight at Old Navy…a pair of black pants for work, a green top with smocking detail (I noticed all the styles are so dainty and girly pretty right now), 2 pairs of flip flops and get this – a red denim skirt for only 99¢! I love deals like that!

3. Wal-mart has nothing copper-colored in their craft section other than one roll of wide organza ribbon. Boo! I did notice that they were putting up the new planograms and Martha Stewart has a huge new section in there. It looks different than the look for Michaels…must be an exclusive Wal-mart deal. I bet some people aren’t too happy with her being in there. I also noticed a lot of really unique new cutting tools including markers that also cut while you use them. Yeah, it was weird, but I was intrigued enough to see how it worked…it’s like an exacto blade is in the marker!

4. I heard on NPR’s Marketplace that Flickr is partnering up with Getty images and offering some of the photographers licensing deals to use their images. I need to read up more on it, actually…found an article This a link to an article from the Seattle PI Newson it.

Yeah, this post is short and sweet. I’m super tired and have to clean up that paint mess. Ick! I hate doing that!

Until we meet again Swellions!


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