I go to Panera a lot by myself now that I’m out here. Actually, I went a lot by myself back home. The black bean soup with baguette, nutty chocolate chipper, and diet coke with lemon continues to be my favorite little treat.

It doesn’t really sadden me to go it alone, though I do miss my Panera outings with my Flickr friends and other compendres. I’m so glad they have it out here (even though it is just one location…though they are expanding). It’s nice to have a place that always looks and feels familiar and reminds me of home.

The big 2-9.

Today, I turned 29. Don’t really feel 29. A lot of me still feels like a big kid inside. I guess that’s good. I don’t know.

My mom called me and so did all my sister’s. I got serenaded on the phone by Brock and Taylor (so cute). They are so awesome. And Grant (my other nephew) left me a b-day message as well.

My friend’s threw me a luncheon at the park. It was so windy. Here’s a pic of us enjoying the festivities.

Party at the park

And here’s the magazine cover (Southern Living this month) cake that Donna B. (our resident Martha Stewart) made me…

Southern Living cake

I got lots of nice gifts (very Halloween related) that I adore. I love everything Halloweeen…I just don’t know if I have enough places to put all the stuff…

After work, I went to Hobby Lobby. It just opened in Brannon Crossing…I bought some stuff to make a feather Halloween wreath and to make some jewelry.

new Hobby Lobby

After that, I took some photos of random stuff, like this shopping center next door. Love the colors…


And topped it off with dinner at Panera (prepared by Tasha – she’s assistant manager there)


Finally, I watched some Hills and crafted some ID badge holders.

A little cake, some friends, a little crafty shopping, Panera, photo-taking, and crafting to finish it off. It was a good b-day.