My Crafty Couture Dress at the CHA show

My CHA Dress

I went to the Craft and Hobby Association Summer 2012 show last week and I had a blast getting to hang and meet lots of new crafty friends!

CHA Crafty Couture detail

The weeks leading up to the show was crazy.  I took on a task that I don’t normally do, I challenged myself to design a dress for the CHA Designer Crafty Couture Challenge. Crafty Chica encouraged me to take the project on and though I was a bit nervous, the end design really paid off! My friend Aunt Peaches was kind enough to send me photos she took at the show of my dress.  She recapped the show and her time in the iLoveToCreate booth on her blog!


I along with 5 other designers were chosen to have our dresses featured in an upcoming issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I was so excited and totally didn’t expect it.


My two crafty besties, Kathy (The Crafty Chica) and Pattiewack also are going to have their dress published in the magazine! We were all tickled pink for each other!

Winners of Crafty Couture at CHA

Here’s a pic of all the winners on display.  Candy had the fan favorite dress! It was a steampunk dream! As soon as I saw it, I knew it would win!

To see some of the other fun and amazing dress design, see Craft Test Dummies recap of the CHA Crafty Couture dresses.

Until next time Swellions!


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Halloween projects that I would LOVE to create!

Today I wanted to share with you some super cute and funky projects made at my work iLoveToCreate! Now, while I craft at home on my own time, at work, I’m a graphic designer and social media coordinator. So, I don’t craft much on the job. We do; however, have a slew of cool craft designers and bloggers that make wonderful, fabulous projects that are all kinds of fun! The shoes, above, for example were by my co-worker and fab friend PattieWack. I just LOVE them. It really want to make my own pair for Halloween!! Check out the polka dot glitter shoe tutorial on the blog.

I just LOVE this Glow-in-the-Dark corset iLoveToCreate blogger Maya Murillo made from a t-shirt! Actually it is a t-shirt, but when the lights are off it looks like a glowing corset. Cool huh?

I have always been amazed by Alisa Burke’s artistry and these pretty pumpkins have always been one of my fave pumpkin projects! So sophisticated for someone who isn’t a big Halloween person (I’m not sure how that would actually be possible, but I’m thinking there might be people out there).

And there’s so many adorable projects on! I just love this Skeleton Love bag by Allee Marderosian and Mummy Mania Water Bottle Wraps Here’s some more fun Halloween projects to add to your list before it’s too late to make them!

What projects have you been making leading up to the big day?

Until next time Swellions!


5 totally random and cool things


– Had dinner with my Etsy team, Crafty Chica, and Pattie Wack last night. We talked for hours about any and everything and by everything I mean everything crafty. Lots of great ideas and insight was shared. Truly awesome and I know everyone had a great, great time 🙂 At one point, we got shooshed by another patron at Red Robin. Come on! It’s Red Robin! Anyway, I think I was responsible for part of that. Sometimes I talk WAY TO LOUD. A lot of times my friends have to tell me to quiet down. I don’t realize how loud I’m talking!

– Really love this post by Elsie Flannigan and her 70’s doe-eyed children artwork. This girl is on the trends. Love it (esp. the buttons in the hair illustration)

– Wanna see where I work? Well, Cathy of California features the very colorful facade of the building I work in on her blog. Check it out here and here and here. A must see!

– OK, so I can’t say the last two designers on Project Runway have had awesome outfits, but I feel they keep kicking off designers who have strong conceptual designs. I feel this is necessary on this show to keep it fresh and different. Is that just me. Come on Heidi…sometimes those people can come up with some really COOL bizarro stuff that’s also beautiful if you give them the chance.

– I just did a list of finished projects (not yet photographed) for my 24 craft projects in 24 hours. I have 6 finished! I really could add 2 or 3 more into that mix that I’m not quite sure about and may feature them if I run out of time, but I’m chugging along. I think I’m doing well so far. I’m enjoying making the projects. It’s hard to come up with all the ideas (well, ok, not THAT hard), but I’m trying to come up with a variety that covers all the Halloween bases from jewelry to costumes to home decor to party planning. I have a lot of ideas I’m planning on sharing! I can’t believe I’m going to keep them secret for close to a month. It’s so unlike me not to share (though, I will say, I can keep secrets if I’m asked to, I really can, I just get exciting sharing my projects). Oh, if you have anything you would like to see, please do share. I will try to incorporate any suggestions you have into my planning!

Well, off to bed. It’s late and I don’t feel so great! Well, no not really. I feel fine. Just tired and need to get some rest!

Until next time Swellions!