Wednesday is Lensday: Irish Acres Edition

I’m actually posting early for me. Usually my Lensday post ends up being on Thursday technically speaking. I guess with this whole blogging thing, though,I will have to plan ahead on some days or post during lunch when I have some available time.

I wanted to first off share a few photos from my lunch at Irish Acres last Saturday. I mentioned last week that I would share details. If you are ever in these parts, or if you live here and haven’t experienced it, it is a real treat (It’s just outside of Versailles in the heart of picturesque KY horse country). It’s one of those types of places that has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens. It’s actually an old converted school house that was turned into a antiques gallery (not much into antiques but the bakelite jewelry was to die for) and a restaurant in the basement. It has a lot of character and it is decorated with lots of twinkle lights and charm.

blanche rides again
As far as showing off my photo skills, this isn’t the best photo, but I sure found this image funny from my view during lunch. It was a gigantic painting. Very Blanche Deveraux if you ask me, don’t you agree?

gentlemen prefer pink
I loved these pink walls mixed in with chandeliers and gold ornate accents. And of course the fact that the adorable gentlemen sign was mixed in with it. I’ve always been a big fan of hot pink + gold + black. I think a Christmas tree in those tones would be awesome, actually.

about as goth as I get
Here’s me in front of the ornate gothic-looking mirrors. It was gigantic and black and very cool…but only for the right décor. They did need to Windex it though.

what about baubles
The décor in that place is plentiful and all the hanging lights, ornaments, crystals, and baubles are stocked up on, in the event that you saw something that you had to have at home. They had 2 inch plastic gemstones that are gigantic versions of the ones I make earrings out of. They weighed a ton!

a horse is a horse
They had a carousel horse too. I think they are very pretty, but this one was especially girly (well, actually the whole place is girly, what did I expect?)

The reason I actually went there was for a bridal luncheon for my friend Dana. Here’s a cute pic of her. I’m actually making her jewelry for her wedding, so I gotta get on it like right away…it’s a week and a half away.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photos. Lunch time is over. Until next time swellions!

not too pure to be pinky and other fun news

not too pure to be pinky mini lunchbox

I made this last night for my friend Kristy who is moving away. Kristy is one of the most genuine, fun, laugh out loud girls I know and I wish her luck as she makes her way in the big state of Louisiana! Her name on flickr was Pinky, so hence the nickname. She is also called “Posey” as well. Hmmmm, I bet you can’t tell it by that pic (my friend Chris took it by the way.

So, got my project on Craft Magazine’s blog. It’s my first time to be featured! Hopefully it won’t be my last 🙂 Been trying to get some exposure online and in some mags as of late. Not having as much success with the mags, but I’m going to keep trying. The editors must be overworked, on deadline, or short-staffed, cause most times when I send a submission in, I hear absolutely nothing back. I guess I expect that with the scrapbooking mags (they even tell you a lot that they may not contact you about your submission), but I guess I thought I would have better contact with the smaller mags. There’s still lots of time, so no worries.

So I’ve been thinking about a redesign as of late for my web site. I really need to revamp it and make it more current. I like the look of this one, but I did it all in html and I have no clue how to design any other way, and that is a problem. I need to read up, consult with a friend on some ideas, and layout some general content and a ladder for how I want it to flow. If you’ve never created a web site, you really have to think of all of this stuff before you begin or it is a nightmare to go back and fix. Everything on your web site is an extension onto something else and you have to not only concern yourself with the design, but also with the navigation and flow of the whole entire site. I think I have a good eye for layout, but as far as executing it, that’s a whole other story. I think for the content, I’d like to incorporate more of my sites, my blog, my photos, and my crafts, rather than it strictly being a graphic design site. I think I’ve evolved a lot in the 3 years or so since I designed it and I’d like it reflect my growth and knowledge. I still like the overall concept (me as different roles). I think just needs to be expanded upon or tweaked. So stay tuned.

And finally, here is the packaging I have spent the past 8 months of my life art directing, laying out, photographing (the whole shebang)…it’s for Laurie Speltz’s Instant Images. It’s a fun, new painting program that we are offering at my company, DecoArt. By the way, it is available now at Hobby Lobby. For more info on the line, check it out here.

i designed this packaging

OK, off to bed. Until tomorrow, Swellions.


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