From my Grandmother’s House to Mine

I'm salt, I'm pepper

I wanted to share a couple of things that I recently acquired that belonged to my Grandmother. When she passed away, we had to go through her things. It was very surreal going through her things without her there. I thought it would be rough, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that my memories of her are all positive and I fondly remember the good times.

The little salt and pepper shakers above are so cute, aren’t they? I guess these are cats? I’m pretty sure these were pretty common at one time, but I love them even so. It’s so weird to see them in my house and not in relationship to her surroundings.

Another couple of pieces that I took that I always admired were this Pinkie and Blue Boy set.

pinkie and blue boy

I always was fascinated by them. I think there’s a certain kitsch factor there. Probably because they were probably inexpensive knock-offs at the time. I always loved the iconic look of them and the romanticism around them. Seems like I remember seeing them (in photos too) in other older peoples homes I visited back in the day too. Oh my…just got a thought. This would make the most adorable Halloween costume.

Some other items that I took? For one, a set of Norman Rockwell prints that hung above her bed (No matter what anyone says about Norman Rockwell, he always has a soft spot in my heart). I also got her scale (seen here) and her graduated set of Tupperware bowls. I also took some colorful glassware dishes with lids and her jewelry. My mom is also going to make me something from the clothes that she wore alot. She loved striped button ups and sweatshirts with elastic band jeans. See? Wasn’t she the cutest? She always questioned why I took so many photos, but she was never discouraging of it.

Grandmother 2

I’m not one to go for expensive stuff. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted to take with me pieces that reminded me of her and her place and things that struck an emotional cord with me. I think it’s funny that the little things of hers that fascinated me back thing show off my kitschy sensibilities today. It shows my design/d├ęcor preferences even back then.

I think about her every day. For example, when someone mentioned they were playing Farkle on Facebook (it’s a dice game), I was like, “NO WAY!” My Grandmother and brother played that game a lot and I loved playing it with them. She loved her card and dice games!

Well, that’s it for tonight. Until next time Swellions!