A pretty good evening and here’s why!

stuffed stickers

I had a pretty good evening! After work, despite not getting to use my 25% off coupon, I purchased the cute Pixie Cat stuffed stickers above and the Envirotex Lite below! I don’t know what exactly I want to make, but I’ve been itching to create something with this stuff again!

envirotex lite

Then I stopped at Pizza Hut and got a supreme personal pan and some breadsticks! Yum. I had been craving it all day. The weird thing? When you order it, the name of the combo is PH1. Odd. Sounds very clinical.

pizza hut for dinner

When I got home, a photo I ordered from my friend Chris was waiting in my mailbox. So I guess it looks kinda weird I ordered a pic of myself, but I love it and it reminds me of that day that I spent with him and I cherish that time. It makes me feel good.

swell jump

And I was looking forward to Idol all day. Honestly, I like both Adam and Kris. I think Adam should win though. He has the charisma and personality and he’s never made any major missteps. Kris sings more the style of music that I like to listen to and I hope he can go far. I loved how he arranged Kanye’s “Heartless”.


Going to work on a project for my mom and chill out on the internet before bed tonight. It’s been a good week so far!

Until next time Swellions!