Confessions of a plastic bin hoarder


Tonight’s post is brought to you be someone who is utterly frustrated with the lack of organization in her home!

It all started when I went to look for my clothing iron.  I searched high and low and too no avail.  I guess I could say it was simply misplaced, but I know myself oh to well.  My hunch is that it is in the same spot it was placed in the garage it was placed six months ago when I moved in (it’s way too late tonight to go out in the dark and root around). This  means I haven’t ironed a piece of clothing in 6 MONTHS!  To make these even sadder, I must admit, that I actually think there are two irons sitting around somewhere, one of which is new in a box.  I’m a hot mess!

In the search for the missing iron, I discovered:

– I have 6 empty built in drawers that currently have nothing in them.
– There’s multiple bins filled with random crap
– That I seriously need to do something about this situation to get my butt organized.

My grand scheme of organization has always been to buy bins to stash stuff in, so that I can move it to the appropriate room it belongs – or – to stash it away until I can go through it.

This solution is simply not working! I gotta get those bins outta here. It’s seriously crampin’ my style and making me complacent about actually getting down to the knitty gritty of my personal organization.

And yes, I gotta get William on board too. We are both REALLY messy.

Are you a plastic bin hoarder like me?  I would say, I own atleast 30 plastic bins. And no, I don’t have one of those cute organizing systems like you see in SkyMall .

Ack. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed now!

Until next time Swellions!


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