Fun at the Renegade Craft Fair

Helvetica necklace

This is my new “helvetica” necklace by Plastique. If you’re a graphic design nerd, you may have seen their KE RN rings. I got it yesterday at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. I went there with my friend and co-worker Wendy! It was one of the best craft shows I’ve been too. There were like 100 vendors…everything from candles and soap to plushies and jewelry.

They also had some fun make-it take it demos. For $10 bucks you could make a cool toy charm bracelet. I chose to make mine out of black, red, and off white charms. I added numbers too. It turned out super cool I think. Their little crafting area was decked out in old board games to craft on. Super cute idea!

Finished charm bracelet at Renegade Craft faire!

Tomorrow I’ll show you some of the fun things I saw and other things I bought. I spent way too much money! It’s so easy to do when you are there with all the cool stuff and it’s one chance to buy it!

Until next time Swellions!