Polaroid Pumpkins

polaroid pumpkins

Just because Polaroids aren’t officially sold anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t still can’t relive their glory days! With the slew of downloadable faux Polaroid templates on the web, you can recreate the classic look of a Polaroid. Here’s how!

Polaroid Pumpkins

What you need:
– Polaroid template (I downloaded mine here)
– Photo editing program like Photoshop
– printer
– scissors or cutting tools
– white cardstock
– digital photos or scanned in photos
– Adhesive dots
– and of course…Pumpkins!

What you do:
1. Download the Polaroid template to your computer and open it up in your photo editing software.
2. Open up your digital or scanned photos. Select blank black area with selector tool and paste photo into that area (for Photoshop users select Edit>Paste into. Enlarge photo as needed.
3. Lay two up on piece of white cardstock and print out.
4. Cut out and adhere to pumpkin with adhesive dots.

Admittedly, the faux Polaroids look better on a large pumpkin. As you can see, my pumpkins were on the medium/small scale.

And of course, if you have actual Polaroid photos, totally go for it!

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