Five Fab Friday Finds: Rainbow Edition

Lydia Hurst

Every week I will TRY to bring you Five Fab Friday Finds. Note the TRY. Haha. I sometimes get a little off track, but I will do my best to make this something you hopefully will look forward to seeing each week. My Five Fab Friday Finds will include everything from things you can buy to blogs that you should check out to inspiring photos. I want to mix it up and get my inspiration on so that it inspires you too!

This week is all about Rainbows! Being a big color girl, it’s only natural that I fixate on the this multicolor fascination. The photo above is of Lydia Hurst for Vixen Magazine by Elias Wessel…I’ve been seeing a lot of hair experimentation as of late and I’ve seen several heads in this rainbow style (here’s another amazing example). This editorial in also features some more amazing photos that just wowed me. I think you’ll appreciate the beauty of the photography too!


This necklace from Yellow Eye Workshop caught my eye for two reasons. First I love the stained glass window look fused with the gold, but secondly, I really appreciate the detail to packaging. What a super fun gift to get or give. Hmmm, I need to start my gift buying for others, but I kinda want this one for myself! Wait a second…it’s out of stock, guess I’ll have to dream for now.

betsy johnson rainbow pumps

These Chelsea Rainbow shoes by Betsey Johnson are right up my alley. If I were to invest in a pair of unusual pumps (seriously, I only wear pumps like 5 days out of the year), I would plunk down the cash for these. Seriously amazeballs!

 she who wonders while she wanders

This photo of ceiling lights by She Who Wonders While She Wanders By is downright cool. I would probably had a heart attack if I saw this in person! Here’s a video you can watch showing it shift from color to color.


And finally, these tree ring paintings by Focus Line Arts on Etsy are both simple and remarkable. I love that he was involved in the whole process from cutting to painting. Love the circular design that the tree ring makes in nature!

Hope you enjoyed these finds as much as I did sharing them with you!

Until next time Swellions!