Black Crackle Rainbow Pumpkin Tutorial

If you haven’t noticed already, I went through quite a drought on my blog as far as posts go.  But now Halloween season is right around the corner, I have lots of fun pumpkin projects I plan to bring you! I have a lot more up my sleeve this season so stay tuned!

I’ve really been challenging myself to create some really outside-the-box pumpkins this year.  It’s been fun and challenging. I would say 3 out of 5 have been miserable craft fails!  But you have to go through those to get the good stuff. This crazy pumpkin was one of those…not what I originally intended, but the more I let it sit outside, the more it crackled, which was pretty cool.  Here’s how I made it!

What you need for this project:
– Real or faux pumpkin
– crayons
– Tempera paint
– Foam brush
– Paper towels

I started off coloring the entire pumpkin with crayon. Learn more about this process in my Crayon Pumpkin post I did a couple weeks ago!

Next up came the tempera paint.  The tempera paint looked so cool over the crayon pumpkin. I first tried using it as a stain and this is the result. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a small crackle if I left it that way.

Here’s what it looked like with a basic black stain rubbed off with a paper towel. I’m sure this would have crackled some as it dried, but I didn’t test it.

To get the crackle pumpkin, though, you need more coats. I went back in and added 3 coats.  I want to note that I didn’t cover every nook and cranny of the pumpkin to get the crackle effect…a few of the colors still popped through underneath.

After letting it sit a week or so, it looked like this up close!

Some of the paint did flake off, but I figure if I wanted, I could always go back over it with a coating of paint!

Here’s an alternative version of this pumpkin.  I applied about 4 coats of the tempera paint to this one, then went back in with a straight pen and scratched all over it.  I call this one the “scratch art” pumpkin.

And here’s the other side. Some of the tempera paint did come off in big chunks on this one.

I love how they both turned out.  Which one do you like better?

Until next time Swellions!



Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 10.44.31 PM
I was so inspired by all the pumpkins and Halloween stuff I saw at Michaels this past week, that I decided to go ahead and get started on my Halloween crafting!  With the popularity of the crazy crayon dripped canvases, I decided to do my own version using a pumpkin instead of a canvas.  I think it turned out funky, abstract, oh-so-colorful, and fun.  Here’s how you make one of your own!

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How to make a Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin!



I am a big COLOR girl, I love everything bright, colorful, and fun. Just because the traditional Halloween pumpkin may be orange, doesn’t mean it has to be! I whipped out my glitter, paint, and paintbrushes and decided to transform my pumpkin into a Rainbow glitter pumpkin!


Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin

What you need:
–Pumpkin (mine was a medium-sized one)
Tulip 3D Paints or Scribble 3D paints in ROYGBIV colors (7 in all)
– rainbow glitter (I used Tulip® Fashion Glitter)
– paintbrush
– foam brushes
– water bin
– paper towels
– box top or surface for catching glitter
– paper plate or palette

What you do:
1. Squeeze out your paints onto palette. Use foam brush to form first stripe on pumpkin. Paint from top to bottom of pumpkin. I even painted the stem! If you feel uncomfortable about making your rainbow rays even, mark off 7 sections with a pencil.

2. Immediately sprinkle on corresponding glitter color. Shake off excess into your box top.

3. Brush off excess glitter with clean paintbrush. That way you can move onto your next paint basecoat and glitter color.

4. Let dry. Spray with acrylic sealer if desired!

Here’s another fun shot! If you paired two pumpkins together, you’d have Double Rainbow pumpkins!


Hope you liked this bright and cheery project. Check out some of my other fun Halloween crafts in my sidebar features!

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Until next time Swellions!