5 Swell and Random Things!

Foiled again!
1. Love this photo I took yesterday of colorful foil!! FYI…a project is in the works.

The Atomic Age
2. Love the cover of this old vintage book! My design heart pitter patters at this kinda thing!

3.This Dream Captcha by Gus23 is one of the most clever crafts I’ve seen in a while!

4. I soooooo want this Fresno pillow from Jonathan Adler. I just don’t want to pay $98 for it.

baseball keds
5. Oh, and in 10th grade, I totally rocked a pair of these Keds baseball shoes (I wore mine with laces). I wish I still had them!

Just a few little fun things. I’m in a random mood, what can I say?

Until next time Swellions!


One word: RANDOM!


Tonight, my friend and I went to a local eatery called the Public House. Outside and behind it were all these carnival rides and amusements in a field…totally just sitting there serving no purpose whatsoever. Totally looked like an accident waiting to happen! There was also trash littering the area as well. The whole area around this restaurant was very, very shady. They were working on a night club right behind it and it was the most bizarre/random structure ever. See?

When Commies get the blues, they hop a train to the Old West

It’s not every day that you see a Communistesque bar next to a Blues club with a kiddie train and Rodeo trail just hanging out in front of it! Oh, and on this building, there was some really awful faux finishing work done to look like fake brick and sandstone blocks. It reminded me of Neverland Ranch or something…you know those amusement-like parks that you hear about in foreign countries that look good from the outside but look like major fire traps on the insides? It just didn’t all fit together.

There were also some random horse rides…I think they went to the Rodeo Trail game…the type where you sit on the horses and shoot water at targets. Oh so bizarre.

by a nose

I do find this type of place amusing though, esp. from a photography angle…just wouldn’t want to be there at night by myself! More of this type of thing would make life more interesting!

I also found this incredibly random…a nice office chair just hanging out in the middle of a field.

office space?

Hmm…sometimes you just really can’t even begin to understand what people are thinking!

Until next time Swellions!


Wednesday randomness

So a few things I have going on right now…

1) I am going to try to start posting mini posts to my blog from my iphone of interesting stuff I observe throughout the day. They will be short, mini blog posts, so when I do, please let me know what you think about them! I hope to incorporate them in with my daily blog posts, so that if I miss a day of blogging, I won’t feel too stressed out…I will be able to let myself off the hook I’ve created for myself. Also, I’m sure you noticed my new header and twitter updates on the side of the blog. I plan on revamping some other sidebar items in the next couple of weeks, so look for that! My blogs in my sidebar and fave sites are in major need of an update, just haven’t gotten around to it!

2) My good friend Carey is coming in to the LA area this upcoming weekend, so I think I’m going to try to meet up with her. I drove down that way last week for CHA, and it wasn’t an awful drive, but it was long. I look super forward to seeing her and exploring Southern California. We may go to Disneyland, but I’m not sure just yet!

3) I have yet to get the craft supplies out. Yikes. I really need to get them organized, but I just haven’t had the chance. I can’t wait til they are out and about and I feel back in my natural crafting mode.

4) New Kids on the Block is appearing 5 minutes away from my house next month. It’s my chance to go!!! I never went as a kid, but honestly I was joking. I’m not really feeling it like I used to. I’m not too excited to see middle-aged men trying to do hip hop moves.

5) Just downloaded an app called Lose it that lets you record your calorie count and exercise. If I you hadn’t already guessed, I am trying to lose some weight. I just hate looking up in the mirror and seeing a double chin. This thing has gotta go! As soon as I’ve been getting home, I’ve been going to the gym to walk/run. I’m so not into exercise, but if I get on a routine, I’m pretty good at doing it. Wish me luck!

6) Keep my family and friends back in Kentucky in your thoughs. My mom, dad, grandmother, and brother (and I’m sure some other folks I know back there) are still without power from the crazy Kentucky ice storm. From the sounds and looks of what I’ve seen online, it is really something else. Being without power for weeks on end is something most of us can’t even imagine, but they’re hanging in there and are dealing despite the tough times!

25 random things about me

1) I now live in California. This is the first time I’ve ever lived outside the state of Kentucky.

I haven’t gotten the question, “Do you wear shoes in KY” yet while living in California. I’ve been trying to change the stereotype of Kentuckians by just representin’ while I’m out here.

3) I live in the more rural area of the state (not affected by Hollywood). It’s the part of the state where a lot of the produce in our grocery stores come from.

4) I have a cat named Pixie who’s black, but she’s not scary in the least (more scaredy). Since moving to California, I’ve noticed she’s gotten more lax though, which makes me happy.

5) I usually don’t do posts like this, but since I’m a) alone right now and b) have no one else to hang out with here since I know hardly anyone, I figure it would be something to do on this Saturday evening.

6) I am a pretty good cook and especially like baking, but I hardly ever do it (cooking for one person is hard, y’all). I can make a mean peanut butter pie and lemon oatmeal cookie.

I always am rooting for Britney Spears to succeed.

8) I can’t wait till I actually own my own place and can’t paint really cool colors and designs on the wall!

9) I once ratted out a friend in 1st grade who copied my work. I recently reconnected with her on facebook.

10) I used to love New Kids on the Block with a passion, but I’m not all that excited about their comeback.

11) I recently rode (with my dad driving) across country in 2.5 – 3 days. You can do it if you ride all day and stop very little…that’s the trick.

12) I have been missing all my friends and family and wish that I could teletransport them to my new area right now.

13) I love Lost, but am not always smart enough to figure out everything. That’s why I rely on recaps online.

I am not missing the ice back home right now, but I do feel for those going through it like my parents who might not get electricity back for 2 weeks!!!

15) I have a bike that I need to seriously start riding.

16) I can’t keep a pair of earrings together to save my life…so never buy me expensive earrings (or jewelry for that matter). Target jewelry is just fine! Oh, and I make jewelry, but don’t wear a lot of my own stuff.

17) The tree that I swung under at my parent’s house just fell onto their house thanks to the ice storm. Hopefully not much damage, but this saddens me cause I used to swing and make up silly songs while doing so as a child.

18) I was on swim team for one season as a child. My best stroke was breast stoke, but I wasn’t naturally gifted at it.

I used to kiss a poster of the band Bon Jovi every night before I went to bed. I got it out of a magazine called Hot Dog that I got from the Scholastic book order. Back then, I liked the keyboardist best, but now not so much.

20) I recently had good Meditterarean (sp?) food and I’m so picky when it comes to that stuff…btw way it was at the Olive Tree in Lexington.

21) I hate hearing the words, “the economy”, but find myself saying it from time to time.

22) I have never been on a cruise or to any tropic island, but would love to go some day.

23) I find myself watching crappy reality TV alot…like Rock of Love, Real/Chance of Love, that kinda stuff. I guess it’s my guilty pleasure.

I like Facebook a lot more than Myspace.

25) I saw Paris Hilton in person last week at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association show). The crowd around her was ridiculous…but I guess I added to it, huh?

Some random stuff in my world

2008-12-11 23:27:41 -0500

Making bread cause I was craving it (it’s pumpkin and a mix, I don’t lie).

2008-12-11 23:28:51 -0500

2008-12-11 23:30:26 -0500

Bought some Christmas gifts tonight. I am getting my niece some beading tools, while I’m getting both my nephews some cool football ornaments for their new Christmas trees in their rooms! I still have a few more things to get for the little munchkins!

2008-12-11 23:31:09 -0500

Oh, I met a new guy named Brian at the WRFL station who picked up my little shopping cart I was giving away on my blog a week or so ago. He colored me a picture as a thank you. I thought that was pretty swell. My radio gig went well. I had fun chatting it up with Mick! I tried to play off of his little quips. I wasn’t nervous at all!

2008-12-11 23:35:54 -0500

I’ve been meaning to share this great find that I got at Street Scene a few months back. Check it out…it’s an interchangeable purse from the 80’s. Totally cool. I really need to start losing it. I love how the one has an owl with H.H.H. on it. It instantly reminded me of Homer Hillis at HHH Enterprises! It came with like 10 changeable color bag attachments.

2008-12-11 23:38:40 -0500

I’m still diligently beading away for the holidays and Tasha and Marty’s wedding. Finishing up on the bridesmaid jewelry that we are going to wear 🙂
I make such a mess! Beads and tools everywhere!

Hope everyone is having a great end to their work week! Until next time Swellions!


P.S. Why do I always spell niece wrong? You would think I would know by now how to spell it, but it’s always wrong! Some things I guess you never learn! Maybe now that I’ve done this “Very special P.S. message”, I will remember!

I am so inspired by this and I just had to share!

I have been perusing through the flickr page of Kim Ripley a.k.a. Stoopidgerl for the past couple of days, and she’s been very actively “wrecking her journal”. Now that may sound a little weird to you, if you’ve never seen it, but there’s actually a book called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I know I’ve come upon this journal online at some point or in a bookstore and didn’t really think too much of it; however her posts have made me really want one! I actually went to Joseph Beth (a really cool bookstore in Lexington) tonight and attempted to purchase my copy, but the only copy there was not to be found. The clerk said it had probably been stolen. Seriously? Well, I wasn’t too miffed by it, but I do plan on ordering one.

The very cool thing about this journal is that you are supposed to actually WRECK it. There’s crazy things inside, from covering pages with office supplies to making lots of random stains to rubbing the pages with dirt. As a designer, I am often very rigid in what I design…I stay very blocky/in the lines. I don’t break beyond my barriers. It’s one thing I’ve actually always struggled with in my art. On a couple of occasions, like in my fibers class in college, I was able to break free from this. We did projects in bleaching and silk painting, where the dye/bleach totally did it’s own thing and you had to just deal with the outcome. I love the idea of using this journal as a way to let myself just be free to create without boundaries and with wreckless abandonment. I just think it’s a really super cool concept!

Just to give you an idea of what Kim’s doing, check out these fun photos that she took to document her wreckage. So fabulous! Her photos just by themselves inspire me!




wreck 3

The last photo is of her pulling her journal by a string…she posted an awesome video of this. I think it’s a pretty entertaining clip! Here it is:

So does this kinda wanna make you wanna do this too? I think it looks like so much fun! Thanks Stoopidgerl for inspiring me to want to try 🙂

Until next time Swellions!


5 Swell and random tidbits

I am giving myself 15 minutes to write this blog post today. Must.stay.focused. Sometimes I do it in a rush…other days, it takes 2 hours to post. Ugh, but I’m going out tonight to dinner with Jeremy (not quite sure, but I’ve been wanting to go to the Melting Pot, which just opened up here in Lex). Anyway onto my swell and random tidbits (I always liked the word tidbits, don’t you?)…

1. I just got one of my bracelet designs into a beading magazine and some of my ideas accepted into a CraftStylish publication for the holidays. Some projects I did for the magazine Jewelry Creations should be coming out any day now as well.

2. Picking up photos of the Dame tonight or tomorrow and going to get some mattes and a frame for it. I’m framing an 11×14 version for and then selling prints at Street Scene here in Lex. I inquired about selling something different than my jewelry and they took me up on my offer. The Dame actually was just demolished (it was an iconic nightspot for music here in Lex), so I’m hoping it’s demise will spark some interest in my photos.

3. I’m taking off tomorrow and going to the Kentucky State Fair tomorrow in Louisville with my friend Molly. I’ve lived in KY for close to 30 years and have never been to the fair. I plan on taking my camera and snapping some cool pics!

4. Why does it always weem you have to pay out the wazoo all at the same time/day?? Today I had to fill up my tank, change my oil + get new wiper blades, and pay for a prescription. Grr. I hate that!

5. I’m making some really cute cupcake photo toppers like these for my friend’s b-day this weekend with funny sayings that she says/has said. I think she will get a kick out of it. I don’t have to make the cupcakes, so one less thing I have to do. Seems like my days have been jampacked as of late. I’m a busy girl, just don’t ask me to do anything more!!! I hate that olden’ phrase!

I have one minute to spare. I did it! A successful blog post in 15 minutes. It really can be done!

Until next time Swellions!


It’s all good…

Today was good overall, had a couple of rough patches, but everything worked out in the end. Jeremy was waiting for me when I got home, and then we went to Panera where I got my favorite black bean soup and then onto Goody’s. The Goody’s near me is going out of business. I thought I would snag a good deal, but ended walking out paying $15 for a shirt I liked, but didn’t love. I mean, I’ll wear it and all, but I contemplated putting it back. A “Store Closing” sale sure should be better than 40% off, don’t you agree? Also, Ashley Judd has a line of clothing there that is ok (that’s actually the brand of shirt I ended up buying). Does anyone remember the time when she was the “It” girl in Hollywood and on her way to winning all kinds of awards? Maybe that was some kind of pressure Hollywood was putting on her and not what she was going after in life, who knows? It just seems every celebrity has a label of some sort, oh, and a fragrance, too. Remember the days when Liz Taylor was the only one with a celebrity fragrance and people thought having a celebrity clothing line seemed a sign of desperation? When did that change? I guess when people figured they could make money off of a person as a brand, I guess.

OK, just rambling on. I also went tonight to the local Goodwill. Jeremy wanted a lamp and found a cute one that can be spiffied up and repainted (the shade was a basic craft paper practically begging to be painted). I noticed, while in that section, a pink shell lamp, that was just like one that I had owned as a child. It is nice when you remember something you forgot that was a fond memory. I also saw all kinds of vintage ornaments that I craved, but figured I didn’t need…Oh, and I played the wedding march on a wurlitzer piano that was for sale. I’m sure people found me pretty bizarre, but ya know I don’t care. I did buy a few random things:

goodwill trip

A tae bo tape, a yellow purse with buttons, and a silver star for my co-worker’s vintage tinsel tree she just got. Why a tae bo tape? Well, I do need to exercise and this one at one time was really kicking my ars (remember that Amy?). I just need to get on it! Let Billy Blanks whip me into shape! The yellow purse, of course jumped out at me with all those crazy buttons!! And a lot of them don’t make any sense to me at all. The one that stood out to me was the Wonder years one. The wonder years came up in 3 points of my conversation tonight with Jeremy…very random indeed.

I also completed a little project for a co-worker tonight for his daughter’s birthday (she’s turning 6). I thought this turned out swell and sweet. Just wanted something simple and girly – something a little girl would feel special wearing when she “dressed up”.

pink girly set

See ya tomorrow, swellions! Until then, party like it’s 1999!


All content/photos copyright, © Alexa L. Westerfield, 2008

When random thoughts collide…

About 30 minutes ago, I came up with a brilliant idea for a cool, trendy blog post. I actually thought I could hurriedly get it together on the fly and make it happen-article,project,step by steps and all, but sometimes, you just have to throw up your hands and say…it’s just not going to happen tonight. There are so many hours in the day and I am all outta juice. I’m sure most of you crafty folks have felt that way at sometime or another.

I did have some fun tonight…went with my boy to Chili’s where I got a yummy caribbean salad. We also talked about an array of very random things. We are two peas in a pod in that category. Not in any particular order, these are some of the topics that came up during our conversation…

gut buster
The Gut Buster
Does anyone else remember these crazy things? I remember being little and my parents owning one. I would try to do it in that situp motion that you would do, but half the time, I slipped my foot out and it came springing back at me. Jeremy told me he did the same, but it would also catch on his leg hairs and hurt. This has to go down in the worst fitness devices in history book (we’ll throw the Thighmaster, the hand grip from Over the Top, and anything with the name Tony Little on it in too, for good measure). I mean did people really think this thing would get them in shape? I bet you anything that numerous hospital visits were made because of this contraption.

A Gizmo riding around in the pink barbie car
Admittedly, I thought it was a Gremlin that rode around in the Barbie car, but nonetheless. I remember seeing this in the theatre and being so scared at the sight of the Gremlins that I had to go to the movie theatre next door and watch Red Dawn with my dad (at the time that was the most violent film of all time). I guess nuclear war didn’t have nothin’ on those hideous green menacing creatures!

The Smurf Big Wheel
My grandmother and grandfather bought these really cool wheels for me when I was 3 or 4. I wish I could say I had fond memories of it, but shortly after getting it, I ran Smurf-face into a tree. The smurf head cracked off and something else must have gone on with the wheel, because I have no other memories of riding that thing. I guess I can say I had one, huh? This just goes down on the long list of things I get blamed for “never taking care of”.

So, just wanted to leave a few of those fun thoughts with you today. Tomorrow I plan on showing off some featured photos as a part of my Lensday Wednesday feature I hope to keep going on a weekly basis.

Unti then, keep reaching for the stars, Swellions!


Saturday swell and random facts

Because sometimes a band-aid just isn't enough
1. The biggest prize I ever won was a computer for a Design an Ad contest for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer newspaper. I was even competitive and driven back then. I actually had entered the year before and was featured, but didn’t win. The second year, I came up with a concept and really thought about ad copy and design. At this point in my life, I had a basic understanding of ads and layout and that is what you see here. I guess I always intuitively had a graphic style to my artwork even before that, so it makes sense that I’m a graphic designer now. Anyway, the computer was a Hewlett Packard (not really all that great, but it did the trick at the time). I took it to college with me. I remember at the time, I got no recognition for this at my high school. They only seemed to focus on announcing sports recognitions. My high school wasn’t known for it’s academics, really, and they didn’t stress it, so needless to say I was disappointed.

4th grade
2. I have worn glasses since the second grade. Both my mom and dad both have glasses, so I guess it only makes sense that I have poor eyesight as well. I went through a phase in high school and college where I wore hard contacts for appearance sake. I didn’t like my glasses and I thought I looked prettier without them. I’m greatful, though that I found a pair that reflect more my retro/modern style. I actually love wearing them now.

3. I prefer baths to showers. Always have since being a little girl with wrinkly prune fingers. I guess I just find it more relaxing sitting than standing and I also like to write and read while I’m taking a bath. Seems like I always have to be making something of every little ounce of my time.

4. The first record I ever bought was Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All”. I was so inspired by her and found her to be the most beautiful woman on earth with her mega-wattage smile. I also think she just represented that time period for me…I loved the colors she wore and the very 80’s vibe she put off in her videos. I even wrote an article in high school about her inspiring me for this senior writing project thing we had to do for the state. I actually still have the record, but it’s broken now.

I come cheap
5. My friends say that if there were faux senior superlatives, I would win for “Always having a cheesy song for every occasion” and “Best funny faces”. I guess it’s true, if we were to have a conversation, and you say a certain word, I can come up with a random song from my head to go with that word. My sister said it reminded me of a patient she had that had head trama (she’s a speech pathologist) who did the same thing. Thanks sis! Ha ha. As for the funny face thing, I used to be uber serios when it came to my faces in pics, but with the whole digital camera thing and having so many different, unlimited pics, I guess I’ve eased up and have more fun with it. Also, I guess I try to hide my double chin a lot and anything to defer from that is a good thing.

Well gotta go pack and get my camera ready for a big photo taking day back in my hometown.

Until we meet again, Swellions…