Red Pepper Chicken and Olive Spread


This weekend, I was lured in by the marketing of the sample girl at Trader Joe’s. They were giving out yummy samples of this dip made with 3 simple ingredients: a jar of Red Pepper Spread, and a can of Sliced Black Olives, and Premium Chunk White Chicken. They were served with Trader Joe’s Social Crackers (just the butter club crackers like the Keebler kind).


Yeah, it’s good stuff. I’m such a sucker for things that take less than 5 minutes to make. Love, love dip type stuff, I just rarely make it cause I don’t do a lot of entertaining (would have to have a clean house for that!) I’m sure if you wanted to make this, you could use similar brands or add it your own mix ins for a different flavor. 🙂

I promise you this is good stuff! I plan on taking it in tomorrow to work to share with a couple of friends for lunch!

Until next time Swellions!