It’s funny how quickly technology changes

Phone home
When I was little I dreamed of having my own “cool” phone. There were several makes and models I liked, for example the antique ones with the brass components that looked all 1950’s and the clear one where you could see the colorful “guts” inside. I even sometimes wished I could have my own red lips phone!

So when I got the phone in the picture above at Target about 8 years ago, I really felt like I was finally living out my dream of having my dream phone. At the time, I had it sitting on my desk in my pink, black, and white retro bedroom (I totally liked that combo before it became over the top popular). It was mainly just novelty, but I did use it from time to time.

Not too long after I got it (like about a year), I moved into an apartment and decided I didn’t need a land line. So, the phone stayed boxed up in my storage shed. After trying to organize and get my office in order tonight, I realized I needed to let it go. Sometimes breaking up is so hard to do. Haha! I just don’t see myself ever needing to use it and it’s just one of those things that will take up space and gather dust.

So in a span of 7 years, I just find it so funny that technology has changed so fast that I no longer need a land line, an answering machine, or an alarm clock anymore. i can now use my iPhone to serve the need of all three these days.

So, I bid adieu to my dial up phone. You were a good phone. Sorry I didn’t use you as much as I should have. I decided a farewell photo was in order before it gets added to the goodwill pile…or do you think I should keep it and just use it as a nostalgic accent. I so shouldn’t waffle like this!

Phoning home.

Until next time Swellions!