Make your own recycled mini business cards

mock mini moo cards
I figured out a super easy (and let’s just say cheap) way to make my own mini Moo cards from postcards (seen above) that would otherwise be thrown away.

I know you’ve seen the cute little Moo Cards you can get through Flickr. I just love them so much I got some made a year or so ago and let me just say, they were many a conversation starter! I would show friends or people I just met and each little card I showed them to pick from was like telling a little story through photos! Here’s some of the ones I got printed up (below). Honestly, I hope to get some more soon with some of my latest photos!
moo two

In the meantime, I made my own! I found some postcards with some swell graphics on them and went to work. Here’s how I made them!

– various postcards in heavy paper weight
– label paper
– scissors or exacto and cutting matte
– ruler
– pencil
– Photoshop template (download here)

1. Round up postcards with interesting elements, graphics, and backgrounds.
2. Choose certain areas of interest and mark out card shape (1.125″ x 2.75) using pencil and ruler. You may want to go ahead and cut out a piece of paper that is 1.125″ x 2.75 or use an existing Moo card to trace around.
cut out images
3. Cut out with scissors or using ruler, Exacto knife, and cutting mat.
4. Using downloaded template, open in Photoshop and type out information that you want to go on back of your card. Duplicate layer several times to fill each card. Add a small photo if you like. Print out on label paper. By the way, the grey lines are pretty light and will be a guide for cutting in the next step.
5. Cut out and adhere. Trim if needed.

I really am happy with how these turned out. They look almost just like the real thing! And their also a great way to reuse and recycle!

Until next time Swellions!


Make your own “Trashy” Valentines!


Tonight I decided to create swell valentine’s utilizing trash (literally, not smutty images like you were probably thinking…ha ha) that I had on hand. I took the flyers and coupons I got in the mailbox and cardboard packaging that I would have normally thrown away and made one-of-a-kind Valentine’s (along with some stuff from my existing craft stash) that I hope to give to someone special.

Here’s a little rundown of how I made it happen…

First off, these were my basic materials! Nothing fancy at all…just trash!

Trash for valentines

I cut into the box the shapes I wanted my valentine’s to be. Then I cut out words and images from the sales flyers (plenty of Valentine related words and products could be found in that trashy stash). I then used a foam brush to cover my cardboard and cut out images with Aleene’s Instant Decoupage from Duncan.

Découpage it!

In the one shown above, I just collaged them into place (I found some fun images like stuffed animals, chocolates, and wine bottles). In the other rectangle valentine, I did a weave design of strips of cutout blocks of colors from the ads.

Decopauge weave

For the heart design, I decopauged it onto a newspaper article, then cut out a scallop edge all around. For the rectangle version, I layered it on other interesting trashy papers.

I finished it off by adding touches of Duncan’s Soft paint around the edges and glamming it up with Glam it Up Crystals that I applied with the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool. It was my first time using that tool and I was super excited with the results. It’s really neat to add a little bling to projects using those crystals!

This idea doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s. You can use your trash to make custom postcards, ACEO cards, tags, and much more. Even if it did come from the trash, most people will be really touched when you give them something you made custom just for them. I just don’t recommend throwing the papers in the trash, then getting them out to use after coffee grounds and other grossness got on them. That wouldn’t be a “Trashy” Valentine, that would be an “Icky” one.

Hope you enjoyed this project!!

Until next time Swellions!