Five Fab Friday Finds: Random Finds I love

Balloon photos

This actually a very random and eclectic mix of some of my favorite internet finds this week! The photo above is from Graham Atkins Hughes and I am such a sucker for balloons in photography. It makes me want to do a balloon photo shoot of my own. So vibrant and fun.

Colored wine bottle DIY
I love the simplicity of these shiny and colorful DIY wine bottle centerpieces from the Ruffled Blog. So cheap and easy to make with a big impact.

Cereal box U.S.
Love this U.S. Map made all from cereal boxes by Chris Kaasman. What a neat upcycled project!

Typographic Wall
This wallpaper from Wall and Deco looks 3D, but it’s not. Totally cool, but you know me and my love for type.

Colorful illustration Ellie Cryer’s Use More Felt Pens is so fun to look at and study. It reminds me of work by my friend Silvia!

Hope you enjoyed these Friday finds! I won’t be posting these for the next couple of weeks because of the holidays, but expect a fresh slate of them in the New Year!

Until next time Swellions!


A few tutorials I’m loving!!

Thought I would share with you some tutorials I’ve seen lately that I just love!! I love the innovation of these and I think you will too! This pom pom trim pillow above is from Punk Mom. Of course I love it cause it’s bright!!
This crepe paper ruffle canvas by Stephanie Lynn is so creative, simple, and beautiful.
This modern ornament tree centerpiece from the Hostess Blog makes me drool.
These graphic soaps from the Ruffled Blog are so easy and fantastic! I love the packaging too! What an inexpensive way to make customized soaps for everyone on your list!!
These plates from A Merry Mishap so easy to do and look store-bought! What a great idea!

Until next time Swellions!