A Tulle tale

tulle rosette

Can’t really say this is a great tale. I went last night and bought some tulle at Joann’s. I first picked up the tulle with the larger openings, then I found it on spools and thought it would be a better value. Come to find out, I would have been happier with the tulle on the yard. Oh well, you live, you learn. I made some little tulle rosettes tonight. This is the result. I guess I could make a brooche or hair pin out of it, but honestly, I’m not super excited about it. Eh, maybe need a bit more practice. Sewing (hand sewing) has never been one of my strengths. I think it’s just a bit too detailed for my sensibilities. Doesn’t mean I won’t try it. I really want to make a lot of these rosettes, but seriously, I’m thinking about getting someone to do them for me on Etsy Alchemy (you can go on there and request services and people bid on it). We’ll see.

I did enjoy using one of my new favorite possessions: My grandmother’s scissors:

grandmother's scissors

My mom packed them in a package of her things for me. I totally forgot to tell her to keep them for me. I’m glad she remembered to send them to me, knowing I would appreciate them. I remember these always being in her little junk drawer and I remember watching her use them. I think this is when crafting becomes a very personal experience…how it is passed down and how things you touch and make are created with love for others. I love that I have a pair of her scissors that she kept for many years. They are super sturdy too…unlike the various plastic handled ones I own. I will really cherish them!

Well, have a couple of things to do before I turn in. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Until next time Swellions!