Self-Portrait Sunday

Why so serious?

The more I take self-portraits, the more I realize:

1) That I actually wish I had a model to photograph. Taking self-portraits is kinda hard. I would enjoy photo taking more if it was of someone else. I’m really critical of most of my shots.
2) That I don’t post a lot of below the face shots. It’s just easier to hold it out and snap and not have to mess with the tripod. I still can’t grasp how to fully use it.
3) That I need to majorly pluck my eyebrows.
4) That I look a lot more moody than I normally am. Well, maybe I’m moody and I just don’t show it much. I kinda think my blog only shares like 1% of what I’m truly all about.
5) That I should take more photos in general. I need to location scout. My apartment complex is REALLy bland. No vibrant colors and I’m afraid to take photos much in the grass cause people don’t pick up after their dogs.





So do you take photos of yourself or do you shy away or avoid it all costs?

Until next time Swellions!


the color of my world

the color of my world

Took some photos tonight and this is the one that just stuck. I am not a huge fan of selective coloring, but in this case, it really works. My rainbow eye is my Yellow Owl Workshop pendant off the chain. i love it.

I see the world through colors…the bolder the better. Let’s just say, ROY G. BIV and I are attached at the hip.

Here’s some more rainbow eye candy photography of mine for you to enjoy this Friday!

rainbow tissue paper stack

under the rainbow tunnel

Rainbow Bright

Color markers

papier mache boxes

rainbow bright

Foiled again!

Until next time Swellions!


Finished with my 365


I’m finished with my 365. I’m feeling a bit guilty for losing sight and track of the days. So…I have a whole entire collection devoted to my 365, but it’s more like 355 cause I am trying to organize all the photos. My friend Chris was so diligent about posting his photos a day or two within the time they were taken, but I wasn’t. Now it’s coming back to haunt me as I organize them.

Nonetheless, I’m finished. And tonight I took a photo out and about on the railroad tracks in downtown Fresno. Honestly, I didn’t realize this was my last day til this evening, but it is actually an appropriate photo to close out my 365. Like the sun is setting on this project.

I’m glad it is over. I think I have quite a few great photos that tell my story throughout the year, while there are quite a few that are less than stellar too. What do I think I learned from this process? Well, I’m proud that I actually succeeded to commiting to something even though it was hard. I’m also a little less afraid to show my true self as well as reveal my imperfections.As far as my photography skills go, I don’t know that I improved a lot…I would have if this was my only project on my plate, but when I did go to the extra effort, my photos turned out pretty great. I know if I set out to take a great photo, I can achieve it.

Well, I’m so glad it is finished and I’m glad you stayed with me during this process. Thanks for all the support of my friends as I have attempted to do this project. I want to give you a little more indepth review of my project once I get the photos organized!

Until next time Swellions!




Trying to get my creative groove on! I was pretty tired tonight, but mustered up some energy and tried to think outside of the box (or should I say, outside of the circle?). Anyway, I don’t know if this is an obvious use of props, but this is a paper lantern in all its spiraly goodness. Not the one I shot last night, rather a long oval-shaped one that I have. I have some cool stuff going on with my bedroom decorating and can’t wait to share, but it may be a couple more weeks. Need to craft up some pillows!! I’m a little unsure of myself using the sewing machine. Yikes!

Until next time Swellions!


Crazy for candy


So if you did or didn’t know, I absolutely LOVE Halloween and it’s my favorite holiday. Christmas follows closely in 2nd place. I love Christmas…the lights, the colors, the baked goods, and the music. Here’s the thing, though: Halloween is supposed to be campy/scary/anything goes. Christmas on the other hand is interpreted in so many ways. I love the traditional and religious side and the elegance that goes with it. One of the trees I decorate is in reds and golds and it is quite lovely. While, there is no set rule on how to decorate or what style to make your home or rooms (I personally would like to have a house someday to be decorated in different styles with trees in every room), my heart naturally sways to wild and colorful, an outlandish/almost gaudy feast for the eyes! I love rainbows of color and if I do plan on buying Christmas decorations in the near future, I really want them to be sugary sweet and candylicious!

I have an affinity in particular for starlight mint swirls, gumdrops, and gingerbread men! I don’t know what it is, I just love red and white swirled together…actually, a lollipop I saw at Target last year prompted this picture:

festive me

OK, keep with me in my randomness here…I used to make gingerbread houses with my mom and sister as a child and every year I intend on making another one (a homeade one, not the Wilton/storebought kind), and I never get the chance. Maybe that’s why I’m fond of gingerbread men! I think I like gingerbread men, too, because they have so much personality and they are just plain sweet! I remember printing out a card in middle school that I attached to a homeaade gingerbread man for my friends that read:

I hope you like this little man,
I made it just for you.
And if you don’t that’s too sad,
it’s off his head I’ll chew!

I remember it having a candyland look to the card, now that I think about it! Ha. I totally forgot about that little saying just until now!

Actually, I never really played Candyland as a kid. I always wanted it, Chutes and Ladders, and Hi Ho Cherry Oh, but I never got them. Oh well! I think I only liked them cause of their visual appeal. I mean, how could I have not?

Oh, and I love this glittery/sweet necklace that Stoopidgerl made. It makes me happy!

I really love what my friend Carey did with this chair for the DecoArt home page too!
Naughty or Nice chair
Click here for instructions!

I also really love these adorable lollipops and cupcakes my friend Donna crafted for the site! Photographing them was a lot of fun!
Terra cotta lollipops and candy

Cupcake ornaments

So now that I’ve shared my holiday style love, what’s yours? Is there any certain style that you just drool over? I’d love to hear about it!

Oh, by the way, I’m going to be on Trivial Thursday on WRFL on Thursday. I’ll be hanging out with host Mick Jeffries! You can even listen live online, so be sure to check in!

Until next time Swellions!