The lack of Thursday puns, car issues, & shoutouts

I was trying to title my post and I was thinking something along the lines of Thursday, but there’s no catchy phrase like “Manic Monday” or “Saturday Night’s all right for Dancing” or even a “It’s Friday Night and there’s a party here on the west side”. OK, so that last one is a stretch, but it really just makes me think that I either need to getter better at my song puns or expand my vocabulary.


I wanted to share this photo my friend Chris took a few weeks back during one of our flickr walks. He’s so talented. It’s very Wisteria Lane, huh?


So today I got a nail in my tire and had to stop by Wal-mart on my way home to get it fixed. Grrr…I hate when that kinda thing happens. Ya know, my brain is just not geared to notice car issues. My friend Diane was the one to point it out to me that my tire was flat in the first place (don’t worry, I got someone to air it up and spray some fix a flat inside before I made my venture home – it is 40 miles after all). I always found that my dad took care of such things when I was home. It’s like he enjoyed taking care of that kinda stuff and almost took pride in it. I guess I’m usually off in goo goo ga ga land when it comes to suchthings and just want my car to start as soon as I hop in.

Ha. Just thinking about car issues reminds me of my dad trying to teach me how to change my oil as a first time driver. He had this huge ramp that he crafted out of sturdy wood in the back of his workshop. I had to drive around the yard and onto the ramp. There was about 4 feet seperating the oil from the ground. He painstakingly showed me all the parts and components and proceeded to empty the oil into the pan. I’m sure I had do some part of the whole procedure (I do remember pouring in the Valvoline oil and dumping the old oil into a bucket). The thing is that I can’t remember a single part of what he taught me. It just didn’t sink in at all. It was like in school when I was science, math or whatever subject I perceived as agonizing – it just went in one ear and out the other. I didn’t retain it one bit. I hate to say this is the woman stereotypical response to knowing about cars and machinery, but I think that in most cases, it is. That’s awful, isn’t it?

Gotta give a crafty shout out to One Pretty Thing for featuring my vintage cat pendant. She has a great site and is offering up Halloween goodness every week until Halloween so check it out.

Oh and I bought a couple of these tonight while waiting on my tire repair. I mean, “Come on!” They’re only a buck. I have several friends that detest Wal-mart with a passion and I understand why they feel that way, but they do have quite the deals + some really cute shoes. Have you seen them? Their No Boundaries brand is always on trend and super cute.

Only a buck!

Oh, and I guess this is my way of giving you a hint for my Terrorific project for next Tuesday. I’m started on it tonight and I’m really pysched!

Until next time Swellions! HAve a happy night. Or should I say morning…it’s 12:00 am on the dot according to my computer. Geez, I gotta get to bed earlier.


Recap and the week ahead

finished earrings

The weekend is over, sorry to say. I need just one more day. Oh, man, I rhyme. Anyway, I got my sunglass earring project up on I think it turned out pretty cool. It’s a good way to recycle some old shades into something totally cool…check out the link here

I went on the search for shoes this weekend for CHA. I wanted to get a pair of black flats that could be dressed up or down (ones of the everyday wear variety). I went with my friend Jessica yesterday and picked out a pair with a little peep toe, but after I purchased them and really thought about it, I was disapppointed with them and decided I wanted something else. So, I went on the hunt again today at this place called G.B.’s Shoe Warehouse. They had so many shoes! I didn’t find the perfect pair I had envisioned in my head, but I did walk away with some cute ones that are going to be very comfortable. The insole has contoured padding and little bubbles, so they are very cushy.

I also went today to this 1/2 price books place. It bought and sold new and used books. It was a really cool store and I found several craft titles that they don’t carry anywhere else in Lexington. I was impressed by that. I also picked up the Amy Sedaris craft book for a steal and a book to read on the plane to LA.

I completed all my projects and articles for Creative Techniques and I’m glad to have that off my shoulders. I personally find the step by steps to be very tedious, cause you have to tell them exactly how to use the program (I was teaching them how to do techniques in Photoshop Elements 4). Anyway, it is so easy for me to whip through it and do it, but telling it is so time consuming. One set of detailed instructions takes me 2-3 hours. I work hard for the money.

Gotta finalize some stuff this week…finish up some jewelry, pack, clean my place, take care of financial stuff, etc. before I go. I know I’ll get it together. I’m not too stressed like I was last week. Work, friend stuff, and getting stuff in by deadline was kicking my butt. I seriously think I was suffering from exhaustion. Hopefully this week will be better smooth sailing.

Ho hum


I’m in a little bit of a mood. I wasted another perfectly good night. I would be really hard on myself for the lack of accomplishment, but someone told me that yesterday was the day that people were most likely to commit suicide…so there just has to be something with moods and sadness with this time of year. Don’t worry about me in the least…I’m not that bad off. I just have been in your typical rut. Don’t want to create…don’t want to be productive on anything else for that matter. Just want to sit around, watch the tube (unfortunately, as you know, there’s nothing good on – though I did catch American Idol tonight), and take a photo or two.

I did attempt to look for shoes tonight for CHA at Kohls. I never find anything I like at Kohls. They have some cute accessories (love me some Relic brand and Candie’s Jewelry), but I get really frustrated with the clothing choices. It’s not just Kohls…I struggle with finding clothing places that reflect my style and body type. I’m not a junior, but I’m not a miss either. I feel like most of the Misses clothes are too conservative…I prefer the junior styles but they don’t fit me. There’s no one store that I really like that carries my sensibilities (bright and basic with a twist). Is this too much to ask for? This is another thing I am really bummed out about…I can’t find two of my most favorite pairs of black shoes, inparticular a pair of flats that I got at Target last year that I love. They are really comfortable and cute and I would like to wear them to the show, but for the life of me, I have no clue where they are. Actually, I questioned their whereabouts a couple of months back (thought I left them at a friends house), but he says they aren’t there and I have no other clue where they could be other than some nook and cranny in my house that I haven’t surveyed. I really don’t want to have to spend $40 or so bucks on another pair of mildly comfortable shoes. The other pair is a basic pair of pointy-toed dress pumps, and I love wearing them with jeans. What is a girl to do?

Also, something I am bummed out about is the fact that I ordered Photoshop Elements for my Mac and it hasn’t come in. I got highly suspicious and called Amazon about it…turns out I entered the wrong address. I had been hoping to have it to get a jumpstart on my CT projects, but I guess it is Murphy’s Law, huh? I just can’t seem to get it together. The reason I have to have this version is because I have to write step by step instructions using that program. The more advance Photoshop version that I normally use isn’t complicated to me, but it doesn’t use the same menu or functions that the Elements version does…it has caused me a headache in the past, so I just gave in and purchased it. Nothing can be easy.

I am going tomorrow night to my friend Retta’s house for Mexican. I’m looking forward to it. I have a group of friends, here in Lex, that I hang out and take photos with. They are my Flickr friends. I have made 5-7 friends locally through Flickr and it has lately been to blame for my photo obsession. I just need to come up with some really cool projects to do with them.

And on a final note, I was looking through a CHA magazine today, and there was a photo of Suze Ormen inside and she looked a little possessed. I don’t know. I’ve never been to CHA, but I would have no interest in seeing her speak. I guess she can give her insight on the business end of crafting, but eh, seems kinda boring to me. Maybe I might be proven wrong, I don’t know.