The Magic of Shrinky Dinks


I have a new obsession…Shrinky Dinks. Now I know a lot of you probably tried your hand at these when you were a kid, but this is one craft I didn’t do as a kid. I did play Tiddly winks, but that’s a whole other random kid experience. LOL.

Shrinky dinks are like my experiences with tie dye, I love the entire process, especially the reveal! It’s fun to create, but then it’s fun to see how well the finished piece turns out!

Basically all you do is draw/doodle on your Shrinky dink plastic (my plastic was bright white and purchased at Michaels) with a permanent marker or color marker in the shape of your choice. I used a bowl as the guide for these earrings (they shrunk to about 1.75″1.75″ inches in diameter. You have to make the original design super large cause it shrinks down about 75% of that size! Sometimes the results can be less than stellar if you used too dark of a color of marker or if you cut your shape out wrong. In the case of these earrings I’m planning on giving my friend Chloe, they turned out perfecto! I have always loved the mix of black and white stripes with a colorful floral. So fun!

before shrinking
Here’s what I started out with. They were so pretty before, that I almost didn’t want to shrink them down, but I’m glad I did. The square ones on left didn’t fare as well. The dark blues were too dark when they shrunk and I wasn’t too happy with them.

If you’re curious how I doodled my rosettes, I show how to make them in my doodled roses post. There’s also a how-to video I created.

Yes, this obsession will last a few more days until I move onto the next thing. I jump around all over the place. I kinda think I have crafty ADHD or something. Do you love making this fun “dinky” craft as much as I do?

Until next time Swellions!


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