When Zombie Babies Attack!!!

I don’t usually veer toward the gory side during Halloween, but when I saw these creepy Zombie babies, I couldn’t resist! I went last weekend to the Spirit Halloween store, and these scary zombie babies were on display. I think they absolutely ridiculous in a good way!

Two things to note…Halloween has gotten so grisly at all the stores in the past few years! I’m not a big fan, in general of severed hands and bloody fingers, but I do understand why people get a kick out of it. You know it’s gotten crazy when you can get a blood-soaked faux brain on a styrofoam plate for a buck at the Dollar Tree! Yes, I really did see that recently!

Also, William asked me if I thought it would be scary to be in the Halloween store at night. I imagine this as a future horror movie. An employee gets locked inside and the characters/rats/snakes/etc. come to life. BwaHaHa! If it were me, I would just curl up in a ball behind the cash register and ignore the stuff so I wouldn’t get scared. I’m a scaredy cat! I never ever wanted to play those games like Bloody Mary or Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board as a kid. I didn’t want to mess with evil! I will admit, though, that I do want to watch The Walking Dead on AMC.

What do you think? Are you all about a blood-soaked Halloween or are you like me and stick to cute and fun?

Until next time Swellions!