Just my Type Pillow

created at: 06/09/2010

During a recent craft store visit to Michaels, I came upon an amazing discovery…giant diecut 12×12 scrapbook pages in laser cut numbers, letters, and mod designs. It was love at first sight!

Diecuts make great stencils to play with on a variety of different surfaces. I decided to use my type diecut with my favorite fabric sprays and canvas fabric for a totally bright and grungy looking pillow that makes a statement!

What you need:
– 12×12 diecut (there are a slew of cool ones by
KI Memories!)
Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint (I used red, orange, pink, yellow, and black)
– 1/2 yard white canvas fabric
– polyester fiber filling
– 12 x 12 piece of pattern (to trace around)
– surface cover or trash bags
– fabric scissors
– sewing machine
– black thread
– needle
– straight pins
– fabric marking pencil or pen
– iron and ironing board

Before you begin: Wash fabric to remove sizing. Also, prepare your work area for spraying. Use a large table or outdoor area.

created at: 06/09/2010
2. Using fabric marking pencil, trace around 12×12 piece of paper. Move paper over and repeat.

created at: 06/09/2010
3. Cut around traced lines with scissors.

created at: 06/09/2010
4. Lay diecut on top of fabric.

created at: 06/09/2010
5. Using Fabric Spray Paints, spritz and spray over top of diecut as desired. The more you spray, the darker the areas will become. Pressing pump halfway will produce a splatter effect. A full pump produces a spray mist. Remove diecut and spray even more color in areas you desire (shown).

created at: 06/09/2010
6. Your finished design will look something like this. Spray on fabric as desired. For best results, let fabric sit for 72 hours before you wash it. I personally didn’t do this (I washed mine after 4 hours) and the colors still came out vibrant.

created at: 06/09/2010
7. Iron both pieces of fabric Next, flip the two pieces inside out and pin together around edges.

created at: 06/09/2010
7. Sew around edge of pillow. I used a zigzag stitch, but it may have been better to do a straight stitch.

created at: 06/09/2010
8. Leave an opening of about 2 inches. Now turn the pillow right side out.

created at: 06/09/2010
9. Stuff the pillow using fiber fill and shape as you go.

created at: 06/09/2010
9. Using needle and thread sew up opening and you are finished!

created at: 06/09/2010

Here’s the other side of the pillow. It has a more concentrated spray look. Also I laid the diecut down again and sprayed and it created a slightly offset registration look (think when you read the comics and the printed colors don’t quite line up). I like both sides for different reasons. That’s the fun of the sprays…they are definitely fun to play and experiment with!!

Until next time Swellions!