Clean House??

Living room

Yeah, last night and tonight I somewhat cleaned. My brother and dad are coming tomorrow for a night visit and I’m trying to get it into order so I can try to avoid as few as comments as possible from my dad. He’s kind of a clean/neat freak about stuff, but by now I think he knows my housekeeping skills are a bit lackluster….hey, it’s a free place to stay after all!

If cleaning were a grade and I were being judged for my efforts, I would prob. get a D+. Haha. Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at making things look look polished, but in reality, they really aren’t. I got on Angie’s List tonight looking for a real maid. I hate to clean and while I think I made my place look someone spiffed up, you’d prob. still find some dust and cat hair if you choose to really look. Yeah, this is how I roll. I always have. I remember shoving stuff under the bed and into the closet as a kid and always having a few knick knack objects I had no clue as to what to do with. I never really got into the cleaning knack. The words “spring cleaning” isn’t really in my vocabulary, though it prob should be.

A little loopy

After all this cleaning, I’m feeling somewhat delirious.

OK, off to do a last minute scrub on the shower and to throw some clothes into the closet to hide.

Until next time Swellions!