Scary and on Sale: Big Lots


A couple of weeks ago before my trip, I went to Big Lots. As I do with any store this season, I perused the Halloween aisle. They had the normal dish towels and candy types of things, but the main draw at Big Lots was their great selection of Halloween lighting finds!

My favorite thing was probably this simple and spooky light up sign. I haven’t noticed the vampire angle played up a whole lot this year in Halloween stuff I’ve seen, but it is in a few items here and there.

I’m all about misty/fog stuff. I own a fog machine. I bought it 3 years ago. I have yet to use it. That’s kinda sad, huh? I just haven’t had a blow out party in a while!

This haunted hedge would be cute to spook trick or treaters.

Strobe lights are really big this year. Not just the one pulsating light. I’ve seen several different devices, from mini to strands to pulsating eye vampires that are featuring strobe lights this year.

Skull Pathway Markers
Here’s another example of spooky strobe light d├ęcor!

Bloody candlestick
Blood and glitter is swell, but bloody glitter? That’s the swellest!

Football lantern
And that football fan in your life might like this play on the classic jack-o-lantern!

Hope you enjoyed these finds! I’ll be back throughout the season from more finds around various stores. Hopefully it might save you a trip or perhaps make one for you!

Until next time Swellions!