I’m giving away some stuff (but you have to live in Lex)

So, I actually made two very large boxes of Goodwill stuff tonight. It is in my car ready to be dropped off…taped up and everything. Feels.really.good.

I have acquired so much crap over the years and I really want to simplify and get it back to basics. I guess in craft reality, I’m never going to have that right bead or button that I need, but I will just have to go out and get it if that occasion strikes. I can purge now and purge again later if I acquire more stuff. But I am just so sick of having so much stuff at the moment! I don’t think I’m alone, I’ve recently read on twitter where both Margot and Kathy are purging their stuff as well.

There are a few things that I actually really do like and wanted to share with you, my blog friends. Now, I wish I could mail these far and wide if you did want them; however, I just can’t do that. However, if you live in the Lexington area and read my blog and want to meet up with me, I will be more than happy to give you some of my cool stuff that I have outgrown. I actually met up with a guy last night to give him my old mac moniter and I’ve put some other crafty stuff on craigslist that I want to sell! I kinda saved this stuff special for friends who may want it, since I did buy/purchase it with happy/useful intentions for myself…I just can’t let go of it to just anyone. If some people end up not wanting it, I will pass it off to the Goodwill, but for now, let’s call it an online yard sale of sorts. You may see something that would be perfect for gifting to someone else (they don’t have to know that you got it from me).

So, in tough economic times, this is my way of giving back. Har har. Heck, if someone was giving me something cool that I thought I could pass on as a gift to someone else, I would jump at the chance! I just can’t hold onto these things any longer! Here are the goods!


1) Cute retro wall hangings I got on clearance at Michaels a couple of years back

2) A very slick mousepad that I loved, but I found hard to use. Very visually pleasing, though. Purchased at Coffee Times

3) Pink and red sparkle star paper mache box, purchased at Coffee Times

4) Anchor Hocking pumpkin dish. I love it, but I love the orange version I have more.

5) Pretty ornate frame. Not sure where I got this one.

6) Large fuschia vase with polka dots. Got this at Marshall’s a few years back. It’s just not something I really want or need anymore.

7) Book purse…the sorority life cover cracks me up! Just something I don’t ever carry. Love the idea behind it though. Purchased at a boutique in Danville.

8) Cute little shopping cart. I think I got this at World Market.

If you live in Lex and want an item, hit me up. First come, first serve though for fairness. Please request one item at first and if no one asks for a certain item in addition after a couple of days, you are more than welcome to more!

Hope this isn’t a little lowbrow of me, but I have trouble parting with things that I love. I want someone I know or who appreciates it to have it!

Until next time Swellions!