Chloe’s Photoshoot

On Friday after work, I did a photoshoot with my friend and co-worker Chloe! She’s a copywriter at iLoveToCreate and we work in the same department. She just purchased her first home, so she wanted me to capture her with her new place as well as take some other photos of her. Chloe is so photogenic, so it was a breeze and delight to photograph her! Here’s just a few of the photos from the day.


Chloe silhouette




Casual Chloe


Until next time Swellions!


Behind the Lens with Tar’Lese


Tonight was a photo shoot night! I went out with my friend (and co-worker) Tar’Lese in downtown Clovis. I shot over 500 photos and these are just a few samplings of the ones I’ve process thus far. I think they turned out nice. She’s so pretty and photogenic!

tar'lese 2

glow 2

tarlese bw

red door


grassy girl


Yes, she totally used to be a cheerleader! Haha. Actually, we photographed this right outside the middle school she went to!

Were going to do some more fun photo shoots, maybe next time with balloons. She’s going to put them on her FB page, so I wanted to put my little Swell stamp on them in case anyone was actually interested in my services. We will see.

Until next time Swellions!