Some of my many buttons

Bowl o' Buttons

This weekend, I was very busy working on buttons!!! My boy William (yes, I have a boyfriend now) and I cut and made them using my button maker. Yippee!!!

I made some kitschy ones and also some ones just with Fresno sayings. I plan to sell them locally at Twee, my friend Pattie and Melanie’s store in the Tower District!

What I like about making these is that once you have the machine and the button backs, it takes like no time to make a handful of buttons. I’m all about the quick and easy craft and the result is so polished and perfect that I get really excited (have I mentioned I’m kinda messy crafter/rough around the edges??). I like that I succeeded at creating something so cool. I got a fishbowl today so people can fish through them. I love being able to fish through a bowlful of buttons or beads! There’s something very cool and tangible about discovering a design that is totally you!

Anyway, here are some more or my buttons. As I mentioned before, I created them using loteria wrapping paper.

crazy buttons

more crazy buttons

And here are my Fresno designs…

Fresno buttons

Hope you guys had a great weekend!! Until next time Swellions!