A visit to the Target Halloween Section

Look at the little color changing guy I picked up last night at Target for $3! I thought he was really cool. His LED light changes in like 8 different colors! Pretty sweet deal and will look GREAT in the dark!!

Here’s some of the other fun finds I spotted. I take photos instead of buying them. Otherwise, my Halloween stash would be way out of control. It would fill up an entire room if that were the case!!

Halloween at Target
Shiny pumpkins in 2 different sizes!

Cute suppers
Super cute sippy cups.

Skull cookie jar
I seriously need this cookie jar.

Red metallic candles
Love these red foil candles. I love colored foil stuff so much.

Glow rat
The glow in the dark stuff was off the hook. That was a big part of their Halloween section!!!

Candy potions
These candy potion jars are so cute! Nom, Nom.

Striking snake
Snakes were on display this Halloween. It lunges at you. Creepy. I hate that kinda thing.

And last but not least, I’m not a big buying costume person, but these glitter butterfly masks were beautiful.

Have you been to Target yet to look at the Halloween stuff? What were your faves?

Until next time Swellions!


Until next time Swellions!