Dexter, the Coolest Cat EVER!


I have to admit something. I take a LOT of cat photos and videos, especially of this little guy, Dexter. I can’t help it, he’s just the cutest thing in my life at the moment (#2 next to William, my #1 of course) and he’s always ready for a fun photo opp too! I mean, instant subject, right? Since he was a kitten, William and I have been pretty silly with him. He has to be adaptable to our whims…if we want him to dance, he dances. If he needs a feverish patdown, he gets it (he actually loves this). If we want him to wear a pair of shoes, he wears a pair of shoes. And he also gets put into a lot of boxes and hampers. He really doesn’t mind. That’s what happened when we shot the video below of us inundating him with punched paper (from a pinback button project we did).

He really is a cool cat and puts up with a lot. I love this about him. He really is the coolest cat EVER, except for the fact that he doesn’t like a belly petting and he tries to scratch you if you do it. More cute pics below 🙂

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I don’t mind if you call me a nutty cat lady, cause that’s exactly what I am!

Until next time Swellions!


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