3 Thrift Store Revamps I just love!

I’m always trying to find a way to create something from very little. I think true innovation in crafting is found when you find a way to get a high end look from very simple materials. Today, I thought I’d share three ideas that just WOW me in their simplicity and beauty.

I just love this revamped old painting from Design Sponge that makes something unnattractive very sophisticated and cool! You could total use Tulip® Soft Paint (perfect for canvas) to paint over a giant canvas that you purchase at the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Actually, I was in the Salvation Army a few weeks ago (I actually think they have cheaper stuff than Goodwill) and there was a gigantic 60″ canvas just like this for only $8 bucks! I can’t say that this idea would fit into my current décor, but perhaps in the future I will need to visit this idea!

These thrift store plate mirrors from Craftynest are so fabulous and so easy to make! If you didn’t like the color of a plate set, you could totally spray paint it a solid color as well. I love that it’s as simple as gluing one thing to another! How easy is that?

I am enamored with this decopauged bunny from A Soft Place to Land. It seems that we all have knick knacks that are tired and boring. I just love that you can make them look like a clean and classic or alter mixed media piece with tissue paper, collage papers, or fabrics! Along the lines of this idea, we created some for the iLoveToCreate booth using Collage Pauge Instant Decopauge™ (that’s a cat I Collage Pauged below…the dots are tissue paper cut with a paper punch). Cheryl Ball decopauged a dog figurine for the show using fabric and it looked just as cool! On a somewhat related note, hop over and read how she upgraded a necklace with nail polish. I saw it today in person and it totally wowed me! You have to go see here. I love colored enamel soooo much.

Collage Pauge cat

Hope you found these revamped ideas inspiring. What thrify projects have you seen that totally blew you away?

Until next time Swellions!