Lookin’ for a good time? Go to the thrift store.

A week or so ago, me and Pattiewack went thrift shopping in downtown Fresno. I don’t usually buy a ton of stuff when I go thrifting. I do find a few occasional steals that I can’t pass up, but a lot of my trip is for amusement. I love the juxtaposition of crap in thrift stores and how random the items are. On top of that, I love all of the little items that come out of the woodwork. I thought I’d share a few of these today!

i actually think these clowns are quite cute. I like their stripes and their smiles. BTW, I have always liked clowns. They were in my bedroom as a child and they seemed more sad/emotive than scary to me. So when I see knick knacks like this, it warms my heart.

Not quite getting this, but I guess you can’t go wrong with a cat in a swashbuckler hat and a flesh tone stuffed baby.

A little disturbing, don’t you think?

Pattie found a clown with it’s pants down!

Make it stop! I think these are really goofy. I’ve had a fascination of late with the idea of spray painting characters like this. I guess they are supposed to look all antique-y and baroque like this, but I like the idea of modernizing them.

Thrift store adult diapers
Gotta love a package of adult diapers at the thrift store…and the name is classic! I will prevail wearing my adult diapers!

Embroidery art from Vintage Voola
This one isn’t all that funny…more quaint and cute. See you really can find a wide variety of stuff! You just have to keep your peepers open!!

Hope you have a great Tuesday! Until next time Swellions!