Photos in the Dressing Room

Outfit I tried on

Do you take goofy photos of yourself in the dressing room like I do? Sometimes it helps me see a different point of view I may not notice when I’m staring in the mirror. These were the two outfits I were interested in. I ultimately got the black and white one. I will prob. wear it with black leggings and boots to sass it up a bit. The black built in cardigan was nice cause it took attention away from my problem zone (my middle).

Dress I didn't get

I didn’t get this one cause I just look so darn busty in it. These honeycomb tops have a way of doing that. If it had been more blousy, I would have liked it more…I liked the sleeves, length, and cinched belt.

Admittedly, I did something kinda bad. The belt came with the green dress and I paired it with the black and white number and kept it that way. I have a wide waist and that belt made to go with the black and white outfit was just too small and tight. I probably shouldn’t be admitting this. Please don’t call the Fashion Police. I know retailers hate when you do that!

Until next time Swellions!